Hiya! I’m Marty Day.

I’m based out of Baltimore, Maryland, where I live with my wife Samantha, and our cats Riley and Ben.

I’m a pop-culture addict, devouring movies, comics, video games and more, and here is where I write about the things that excite me.

I’m also a co-host of Super Art Fight, an amazing live art competition. Founded in 2008, I serve as one of the co-owners and producers for the traveling live event.

This site is hosted on Dreamhost, using a WordPress backend, and the “Publication” theme as developed by Automattic.

Most posts are composed in Markdown via Ulysses.

Many of the post header images are sourced via TheMovieDB or Unsplash.

Occasionally, posts will feature affiliate links via Amazon or iTunes, but only for items I wholeheartedly endorse.

If you like what you read here, I recommend following me on Twitter – I post a lot of short form pop-culture thoughts there.

Thanks for reading!