The Films of 2015: A Look Ahead

For fans of movies, 2014 was an amazing year.

While there were some high profile issues (The Interview), movies that didn’t live up to their billing (The Amazing Spider-Man 3), or movies that were just plain bad (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) – we were amazed by films that either had a tremendous backstory (Boyhood), movies that shouldn’t have been as great as they were (The LEGO Movie), or movies that even the most devout fans doubted (Guardians of the Galaxy).

In short, it was a great time to enjoy film.

2015 looks to be just as amazing, and to give us a taste of the flicks we’ll be flocking to, I wanted to do this breakdown of the movies I believe will be worth seeing next year. I’ll link trailers where applicable.

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A Few Thoughts On The Sony Hack, And The End of ‘The Interview’

What an odd few weeks it’s been in the world of movies.

For those who have been under a rock, let me try to summarize what has happened. There are far better timelines and such out there, but hey, maybe one of you is using Blast-O-Rama as your resource. If so, thank you, and I worry for you.

Back on November 24th, Sony Pictures was hacked, by a group calling themselves the Guardians of Peace.

Apparently of North Korean origins (the US is saying so for now), the hack was in retaliation due to the Seth Rogen/James Franco starring The Interview, a movie where a talk show host (Franco) is tasked by the US Government to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

This was a massive hack, which not only shut down all of Sony Pictures electronic operations, but resulted in a massive leak, which has produced everything from a number of movie screeners hitting the web, to extremely personal business email exchanges, to interesting projects in the works (such as a Sony/Marvel collaboration over Spider-Man, or a surreal Jump Street/Men In Black cross over).

In turn, it’s been a very odd time to be a movie fan. For every piece of information that grabs your eyes (YAY! MARVEL’S GETTING SPIDEY!) there’s bits that are sleazy and uncomfortable.

It brings to mind many questions about morals and ethics. Some have written far better missives about this process (looking at you, The Verge), and honestly, I’m not sure where I sit on the issue myself.

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Dust, Fire and Fury: The New ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer Will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Mad Max: Fury Road has had an incredible journey to the big screen.

In development since the 1985 release of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, and with over two years of post-production (the movie completed its original filming in December 2012), this long-awaited fourth installment of the post apocalyptic saga finally hits theaters in May 2015. To get you excited, a second trailer has hit…and it is absolute freaking art.

Starring Tom Hardy as the titular Max, with Charlize Theron as Furiosa, writer/director George Miller appears to have completely outdone himself.

The movie has been described as one gigantic, long chase sequence, and it looks to be an action film fans dream. It’s hard to put into words the intensity and scale of the action presented in this trailer.

This may be my most anticipated movie of Summer 2015. This looks incredible.

Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters on May 15, 2015.