Spectre (2015): A Review

After the smash success of 2012’s Skyfall, marking 50 years of James Bond, director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) and star Daniel Craig reteam for Spectre.

Serving as Craig’s fourth outing as Bond – and the first invoking the namesake terrorist group which perplexed Bond in the classic films – the stakes are high. Does the film match the heights of its pedigree? Is Spectre another Bond classic?

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Steve Jobs (2015): A Review

When painting a portrait, the artist is giving the eventual viewer an impression of its subject within a moment of time. We do not see all of their heights, nor all of their lows. We do not see all of their sadness, nor all of their triumphs. It’s not their best days, it’s not their worst. It is a moment preserved.

Based (loosely) on Walter Issacson’s book of the same name – Steve Jobs, written by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) and directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) is not a bio-pic proper. It is a portrait – and as a viewer, it’s a heck of a one to take in.
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KICKSTART THIS!: ‘Mana War’ – A Deceptively Simple Fantasy Card Game

Believe it or not, for as much of a nerd as I am, I never really got into the role-playing world of Dungeons & Dragons, or the card collecting bonanza of Magic: The Gathering.

While I love to read, watch, and play through stories of mystical worlds and incredible powers, when it comes to these two staples of the fantasy fandom, I found the gameplay difficult, intense, and far more in-depth than I was willing to partake in.

That’s where Mana War comes in.
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