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Mattel Announces a Remote Control CYBERTRUCK!

The Verge:

Mattel has announced a Hot Wheels-branded remote-controlled version of Tesla’s Cybertruck. It will come in two sizes and is available to preorder now. There’s a 1:64 scale RC Cybertruck that costs $20 and a much bigger 1:10 scale version that runs for $400. Both are expected to ship in December 2020 — but they’re limited release, and will only be available until they’re sold out, Mattel says.

You can order one here.

This is probably the closest I’ll ever get to owning a Cybertruck of my own. (The $20 version, naturally.)

GI Joe Comes to Six Inch Scale with GI JOE: CLASSIFIED

Hasbro Pulse:

  • The triumphant return of G.I. Joe begins on Hasbro Pulse with this special edition Snake Eyes figure, the first time the character has been depicted in 6-inch scale. Comes with multiple ninja accessories and an exclusive Arashikage gear storage rack.
  • The G.I. Joe Classified Series ushers in a new era for the larger-than-life-characters fans know and love, presented as they’ve never been before: in highly articulated 6-inch scale with premium deco and detailing.

This figure leaked out earlier this week, but it’s official – with the release of this exclusive Snake Eyes figure (order it while you can), Hasbro officially moves the beloved action figure franchise into the 6-inch scale, turning it’s beloved heroes and villains into high quality figures, a’la the Marvel Legends and Star Wars: Black Series line.

I can wait for the figures to hit shelves proper, but it’s really cool to see an icon of my childhood like Snake Eyes rendered in this way. My inner child is beaming.

Marvel to Bring Another Spider-Man Series to Shelves: NON-STOP SPIDER-MAN


Frequent collaborators Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo are reuniting for a new Spider-Man ongoing anticipated to launch this June.

Announced as part of Marvel Comics’ presentation at this week’s ComicsPRO Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, Non-Stop Spider-Man will be, according to Kelly, “relentless…”

Non-Stop Spider-Man is, for me, the best of what Marvel comics can be: relentless action, epic storytelling, mind-melting art, and relevant themes, all grounded by the heart and soul of one of my all-time favorite characters, Spider-Man,” Kelly said in the announcement. “Chris and I want to redline your adrenaline and shatter your hearts, giggling the whole time. Please sign your waivers and gather your safety gear of choice before issue one comes out. I truly can’t wait for this. Buckle up, Tigers.”

A dope ass creative team delivering a book during the current Spidey Renaissance? (Seriously, Amazing Spider-Man, Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider have all been good.)

Heck yeah, I’m in.

Here’s the cover for the first issue (illustrated by David Finch), due in June:

Apple is Considering Allowing Third-Party Apps as Defaults on iOS

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. is considering giving rival apps more prominence on iPhones and iPads and opening its HomePod speaker to third-party music services after criticism the company provides an unfair advantage to its in-house products.

The technology giant is discussing whether to let users choose third-party web browser and mail applications as their default options on Apple’s mobile devices, replacing the company’s Safari browser and Mail app, according to people familiar with the matter. Since launching the App Store in 2008, Apple hasn’t allowed users to replace pre-installed apps such as these with third-party services. That has made it difficult for some developers to compete, and has raised concerns from lawmakers probing potential antitrust violations in the technology industry.

This is another one of those long-awaited finallys. 

You can do it on macOS, why not on iOS? 

(And I’m a guy who thinks that the standard apps are great for most people.)