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The Lonely Island Return With…An Album About Baseball?


It’s been more than 13 years since “Lazy Sunday,” the SNL Digital Short that introduced the masses to the rap style of the Lonely Island — two SNL writers (Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer) and one cast member (Andy Samberg) who were posting their own parodic raps online before they even joined SNL. And it’s been more than a decades since the Lonely Island released Incredibad, their debut album. Since then, there have been movies, albums, and the announcement of a tour that’ll kick off next month. And now there’s something else: A surprise half-hour Netflix special and album called The Bash Brothers Experience.

The concept behind this whole ridiculous project is pretty inspired. In the late ’80s, the monster home-run hitters Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire conquered the baseball world, leading the Oakland A’s to a World Series victory in 1989 and generally capturing the public imagination. They were both on tons of steroids, of course, and that’s now their main legacy. But all three members of the Lonely Island come from the Bay Area, so they remember what it was like to look at these sketchy guys as childhood idols. And with The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, which the Lonely Island are calling a “visual poem,” they’ve imagined what would’ve happened of Canseco and McGwire, at the height of their fame, had recorded a rap album.

I haven’t watched or listened to this yet, but since its from The Lonely Island, I’ll give it a shot.


This looks…not bad?

The new Terminator model looks wild, Linda Hamilton looks ready to wreck things, and I’m excited to see Mackenzie Davis get a big spotlight like this.

Final Trailer for TOY STORY 4

I forgot to post this the other day.

I still feel like this is a situation where either Pixar is keeping things quiet, or the story of the movie is a bit more slight than expected.

Playdate, an Awesome Little Handheld From Panic Software

The Verge:

Panic made its name through high-end Mac software, but more recently, the company moved into gaming, publishing indie hit Firewatch and the upcoming Untitled Goose Game. Now, the developer is expanding its work in games and moving in a very unexpected direction. Today, Panic unveiled Playdate, a tiny, yellow Game Boy-like device with a black-and-white screen, a few chunky buttons, and… a hand crank for controlling quirky games developed by indie stars like Keita Takahashi and Zach Gage.

I’m already in love. Check out this cool aspect of the device:

The hardware isn’t the only unique thing about the Playdate, though. Instead of buying cartridges or game downloads, the hardware will come bundled with what Panic is calling a “season” of games. That means 12 titles, each designed specifically for the Playdate, will release over time. When you first power on the device, you’ll get access to one game, and a new one will unlock each week after that.

Also of note – synth kings Teenage Engineering are behind the hardware.

I’m now going to be obsessed with this little toy for a while.