‘Jurassic World’ Sequel Set For Summer 2018

In a move that shouldn’t surprise many – especially considering that it recently overtook The Avengers to become the 3rd highest-grossing movie of all timeJurassic World is getting a sequel.

Universal Studios announced yesterday that Jurassic World 2 or Jurassic Park 5 or whatever they decide to call it will hit theaters on June 22, 2018.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will return as leads, and the script is going to be co-written by Colin Trevorrow (who directed Jurassic World) and Derek Connolly (who wrote Jurassic World). No director is selected as of yet, and if rumor holds true, Trevorrow will be busy at this time.

In short, Universal is doing everything they can to ensure that the same team is reunited to hopefully recapture the magic of this unexpected massive success.

As much as I enjoyed Jurassic World – and I did – I can’t help but feel like this extreme level of success was lightning in a bottle. And I’m not really sure what plot threads we need to pick up from. I suppose Life, uh, will find a way…again.

I will post this any opportunity I get.

I will post this any opportunity I get.

At the very least – how about we just combine massive successes and give us Jurassic World 2: Fast & Furious 8?


The New ‘SPECTRE’ Trailer Looks Killer

There is a whole lot to love about the new SPECTRE trailer.

Daniel Craig’s fourth appearance of James Bond appears to continue the thread from Skyfall, giving us a beautiful and stylish adventure, which also ties together James’ past.

I cannot wait to see Christoph Waltz as the main Bond villain, and this new trailer underlines how SPECTRE will be full of the action, awesome set pieces, and cool gadgets we’ve come to love from the franchise.

SPECTRE hits theaters in the UK on October 26, and in the US on November 6, 2015.


Jason Bourne, But A Stoner: New ‘American Ultra’ Trailer

On paper, this movie sounds like an awful idea, but with it’s latest trailer…I think I actually want to see American Ultra.

Maybe it’s because I really enjoyed Adventureland and want to see Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart on screen again. Maybe I’m just happy to see Topher Grace get work. Maybe Max Landis (the screenwriter) won me over with “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling”.

All I know is, next month, I think I’m gonna give American Ultra a shot. I just hope it winds up more The Bourne Supremacy and less Pineapple Express.

American Ultra hits theaters on August 21, 2015.


Pixar Finally Shows Us ‘The Good Dinosaur’

After a rather lengthy development process – which resulted in the removal of the original director, and a shift from a Summer 2014 release date to a Thanksgiving 2015 bow, Pixar has finally taken the covers off of The Good Dinosaur.

Sure, we had a teaser trailer earlier this year, but this is the first true footage we’re seeing of the movie.

Starring a dinosaur named Arlo, along with his pet human, it’s a unique take on a “boy and his dog” adventure, while also exploring the idea of what would’ve happened if dinosaurs never become extinct.

The effort in the animation truly shines here, as Pixar delivers some of the most realistic and lush scenery they’ve ever produced (seriously, watch this trailer in HD if you can), and while that can be odd, juxtaposed with the stylized look of Arlo, I cannot wait to see the adventure Pixar has in store for us this Thanksgiving.

Heck, maybe we can get two good dinosaur movies AND two good Pixar movies in one year!

The Good Dinosaur hits theaters on November 25, 2015.