A Few Thoughts On The Sony Hack, And The End of ‘The Interview’

What an odd few weeks it’s been in the world of movies.

For those who have been under a rock, let me try to summarize what has happened. There are far better timelines and such out there, but hey, maybe one of you is using Blast-O-Rama as your resource. If so, thank you, and I worry for you.

Back on November 24th, Sony Pictures was hacked, by a group calling themselves the Guardians of Peace.

Apparently of North Korean origins (the US is saying so for now), the hack was in retaliation due to the Seth Rogen/James Franco starring The Interview, a movie where a talk show host (Franco) is tasked by the US Government to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

This was a massive hack, which not only shut down all of Sony Pictures electronic operations, but resulted in a massive leak, which has produced everything from a number of movie screeners hitting the web, to extremely personal business email exchanges, to interesting projects in the works (such as a Sony/Marvel collaboration over Spider-Man, or a surreal Jump Street/Men In Black cross over).

In turn, it’s been a very odd time to be a movie fan. For every piece of information that grabs your eyes (YAY! MARVEL’S GETTING SPIDEY!) there’s bits that are sleazy and uncomfortable.

It brings to mind many questions about morals and ethics. Some have written far better missives about this process (looking at you, The Verge), and honestly, I’m not sure where I sit on the issue myself.

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Dust, Fire and Fury: The New ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer Will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Mad Max: Fury Road has had an incredible journey to the big screen.

In development since the 1985 release of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, and with over two years of post-production (the movie completed its original filming in December 2012), this long-awaited fourth installment of the post apocalyptic saga finally hits theaters in May 2015. To get you excited, a second trailer has hit…and it is absolute freaking art.

Starring Tom Hardy as the titular Max, with Charlize Theron as Furiosa, writer/director George Miller appears to have completely outdone himself.

The movie has been described as one gigantic, long chase sequence, and it looks to be an action film fans dream. It’s hard to put into words the intensity and scale of the action presented in this trailer.

This may be my most anticipated movie of Summer 2015. This looks incredible.

Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters on May 15, 2015.


Tumblr Wins: Benedict Cumberbatch IS Doctor Strange

Marvel themselves confirmed one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood, today – the I’s have been dotted, the T’s have been crossed…

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) will be the lead in Doctor Strange.

Ending a long running rumor mill that has placed actors as varied as Jacquin Phoenix and Jared Leto (wrong universe, I guess?) in the red cape, Cumberbatch will be casting the mystic arts.

From the official press release…

“Stephen Strange’s story requires an actor capable of great depth and sincerity,” said Producer Kevin Feige. “In 2016, Benedict will show audiences what makes Doctor Strange such a unique and compelling character.”

Cumberbatch’s Strange is the second major casting for “Phase 3” of the super successful Marvel Studios films, following the casting of Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther, who will debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War before being featured in his own solo film. This marks the latest nerd franchise for the hyper-popular Cumberbatch, who has padded his Sherlock appearances with parts in the Hobbit Trilogy and 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness.

Doctor Strange, directed by Scott Derrickson, will hit theaters November 4, 2016.


‘Terminator Genisys’ Trailer Hits, Isn’t As Bad As Its Promo Photos

It really could look a lot worse.

Today, as promised, Paramount Pictures has unveiled to the world the first proper look at their reboot of the time-traveling robot franchise with Terminator Genisys.

Despite the horrible title, despite the horrible promotional photos, this doesn’t really look…all that bad?

Perhaps the conglomeration of bad things surrounding this film acted as a pre-emptive salve, but Genysis (I hate writing that word) looks like a potentially fun mashup of The Terminator and T2: Judgement Day with modern actors and what is – at least at this stage – really awful CGI. I do kinda like Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor.

Jai Courtney will continue to be a thing no one cares about, however.

Terminator Genisys will probably be worth a matinee at best, when it hits theaters on July 1, 2015.


…And ‘SPECTRE’ Makes 24: New Bond Movie Revealed!

As promised, today in London, EON Studios let it rip and revealed all the major details about the new James Bond film, known up until today as Bond 24.

Fans of the franchise are going to freak, as the latest edition is titled…


That’s right, the evil terrorist organization featured in the Classic Bond films, starting with Dr. No is finally back. (Spectre, for those who forgot, stands for  SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.)

Skyfall director Sam Mendes returns to direct SPECTRE, and Daniel Craig again plays Bond for his fourth go-around. Additionally returning are Ralph Finnes as M, Rory Kinnear as Tanner, Ben Whishaw as Q and Naomie Harris as Moneypenny.

As for the new cast members, our new Bond girls are Léa Seydoux (Blue Is the Warmest Color) as Madeleine Swann and Monica Bellucci (The Matrix Reloaded) as Lucia Sciarra.

Sherlock fans will be excited to hear that Moriarty himself, Andrew Scott, will be joining the cast as Denbigh.  As for the bad guys? Ex-WWE/Current Guardian of the Galaxy Dave Bautista will be playing Mr. Hinx (I guess he’s a bad ass henchman), and praise the Gods, Christoph Waltz will be Oberhauser…who just has to be a cover for Blofeld, right?

Production on SPECTRE begins on Monday, and of course, there’s a sweet new car in play – a brand new Aston Martin, the DB10.

If that wasn’t enough, an awesome teaser poster was revealed, and is featured below.


For more details on SPECTRE, check out the official James Bond Twitter, or watch this embed of the press conference.

SPECTRE hits theaters on November 6, 2015. After the massive success of the fantastic Skyfall, I have to believe this will be one of the biggest films of the year. I can’t wait.