Will Chris Pratt Go From Guardian to Raider (of the Lost Ark)?

Hey, Chris Pratt!

You’re already married to a movie star (Anna Faris), you’re on one of the best comedies on television (Parks & Recreation), and you were the lead in two of the best movies of 2014 (The LEGO Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy) – so how are you going to follow that up?

If Disney has their way? By making you Indiana Jones.

Yep, that’s the rumor from today, saying that Disney is working hard to relaunch the Indiana Jones franchise much how they have Star Wars, and the person they’re considering to take over the fedora and whip is none other than Pratt himself.

I know that previously, Bradley Cooper was rumored to be the next to follow in Harrison Ford’s footsteps, but considering Pratt’s Star-Lord seemed to be the venn-diagram of Han Solo and Indiana Jones (with a touch of excited fanboy), I don’t think he’s a bad choice by any means.

I do wonder, however, with Jurassic World coming – which could lead to sequels – another Guardians of the Galaxy due soon, and rumors that the Guardians could be a part of the future Avengers sequels, can Pratt sign on? Considering Disney owns Marvel AND Lucasfilm, I’m sure they can move anything around the way they want…but he is just one man, and I don’t think we want to see Chris Pratt get played out.

Color me optimistic but cautious on this news.


Paul Feig Finds His Female ‘Ghostbusters’

Literally decades of rumor and scuttlebutt came to an end today, as we officially have a new, third Ghostbusters film.

No, it’s not Ghostbusters 3, as Dan Aykroyd has sworn for years would be coming (the idea of which, thankfully, seemed to pass along with Harold Ramis last year) – it’s the all-female Ghostbusters reboot, as helmed by director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids).

Many had wondered if Feig’s interpretation – featuring a new generation of paranormal investigators – would end up stuck in the same development hell as Aykroyd’s many ideas, but with a well-timed tweet, Feig has confirmed his cast, and now, a few hours later, we have the official release date as well.
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A Fantastic First-Look: ‘Fantastic Four’ Teaser Trailer Hits The Web

After an unusually high amount of smoke and mirrors, 20th Century Fox has decided to drop the curtain of mystery surrounding their reboot of the classic Marvel Comics series, Fantastic Four.

Directed by Josh Trank – who last gave us the incredible first-person superhero tragedy Chronicle – this is clearly a very different version of Marvel’s First Family. The first teaser hit the Internet earlier today, and while it doesn’t give us much (as a proper teaser trailer should), what’s there is incredibly intriguing.
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