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Want More Save Slots for METAL GEAR SURVIVE? That’ll be $10.


Konami’s Metal Gear Survive quickly hits players with a reason to pay extra money on top of the game’s $39.99 asking price by restricting the number of character save slots. Players have access to just one slot, while three additional character slots are locked behind an in-game currency purchase.

Go fuck yourself, Konami.

It’s bad enough you’re fucking the corpse of a game you killed off, now you’re asking us to pay you for standard features.

And it’s not like these saves are backed up on the cloud or anything, they’re on your goddamned machine.

Was this a game I was going to buy before this? Christ no, what they did to Kojima was horrible. But now? Especially not going to buy it.

Microtransactions were a mistake. They’re nothing but trash.