Entertainment Weekly’s Got a FIRST LOOK at OCEAN’S EIGHT


The next chapter — or should we say heist? — from the Ocean’s franchise will drop in June with Sandra Bullock as Danny Ocean’s ex-con sister Debbie. She’ll lead a team of thieves (played by Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, and Sarah Paulson, among others) as they crash New York’s Met Gala to swipe a priceless necklace off a celebrity neck. We asked Bullock to take us behind-the-scenes of one of the most anticipated sequels in the long and checkered history of sequels.

As a long-time fan of the Ocean’s movies, I have high hopes for this.

They’ve got a heck of a cast put together for this all female take on the series. Here’s hoping the magic (found in Eleven, lost in Twelve, returned in Thirteen) is on the screen this Summer.

What do you think?