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GHOST IN THE SHELL Trailer Gives A Glimpse Of Future Tokyo

Unleashed to the Internet today after a massive promotional event in Japan, we have our first glimpse at this March’s long-awaited of one of the most celebrated manga of all time, Ghost in the Shell.

Following after a number of released stills (not to mention surreal, brief spots airing during Mr. Robot), the first trailer for the Rupert Sanders-directed adaptation reveals that Ghost in the Shell, if nothing else, will be a visual stunner.

It’s amazing how well the world created by Masamune Shirow has come to life, even including some of the more controversial elements of the series (such as the Major’s sexuality), but the elephant in the room remains – the questionable casting of the actors.

There’s no doubt that Scarlett Johansson is a massive superstar, and has the acting chops to bring the Major to life (just see Under the Skin for an example of what she could bring to the role), but seeing that a Japanese film based on a Japanese manga set in a futuristic Japan has only one notable Asian actor within the trailer (the legendary Takeshi Kitano as Chief Aramaki) is an absolute bummer.


Will this be enough to stop success of the movie? Probably not – but no matter how good it looks, or how good the final product is, the question will remain: what could’ve been?

Ghost in the Shell hits theaters on March 31, 2017.