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Daily Blast: July 30th-31st, 2014


Happy Thursday, everyone!

Or, as I’m calling it – Happy Guardians of the Galaxy day everyone! Who else is going to the early screening tonight?

Sorry about missing the Daily Blast yesterday, I was under the weather, but today we’ve got a double-sized edition for you.

What’s on the docket? EA’s going subscription-based, Tarantino’s definitely doing a new movie in 2015, an awful Ninja Turtles poster, and a better look at the Deadpool test footage!

At the top of the post: This is rad – if you purchase Captain America: The Winter Soldier, you can order these adorable plushies!



– In an unfortunate twist, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot is coming out on September 11th in Australia, and Paramount decided the above was the best poster to use. They’ve since apologized.


– This Friday, August 1st, artist Joey Spiotto’s new gallery show, “Storytime: A Little Gallery Show” opens at Gallery1988 East. /Film has a look at the awesome Golden Book inspired art.


– Found in the new issue of Empire, there’s now little question – Quentin Tarantino is doing The Hateful Eight, and it is coming in 2015.

– *sigh* So, Night at the Museum 3 is a thing.

– Here’s a cleaner version of that leaked Deadpool test footage. I still want this movie to become real.


– If you’re a fan of the Dragonriders of Pern novels, good news! Warner Bros. has decided to buy the rights to the book series, which will undoubtedly lead to dozens of films.


– This French poster for Big Hero 6 is a great look at the city of San Fransokyo.


Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek) will be directing The Mummy, the first part of the new connected Universal Monsters Movie Universe.


– To celebrate this week’s The Last of Us re-release for the PS4, Sony decided to hold a live read of the games script, featuring the voice cast from the game. They also recorded it for internet posterity, so you can watch it above!


– Sony is planning some awesome pre-order incentives for LittleBigPlanet 3 this fall, including the adorable plush Sackboy you see above. Is it enough to make you put the deposit down?


– This sort of thing was inevitable – EA has announced “EA Access”, a Netflix-esq game subscription service, currently only available for the Xbox One. For $5 a month, you get access to a subset of EA’s library of games. Worth it to you? Or does it cheapen gaming as a whole?

– In a somewhat related story, Sony has announced the beginning of an Open Beta of their PlayStation Now streaming game service. They claim to also be looking into a subscription model for this.  Are we about to be without buying games?

– Sadly an Xbox exclusive for now, this trailer for the documentary Atari: Game Over looks pretty great.

Sony has announced their free games for PS Plus for August 2015 – it’s a pretty rad lineup, but I’m most excited for a free copy of Fez!



– Up next in Kaiyodo’s RevolMini series (a 4″ scaled version of their Revoltech line) – the Ninja from Metal Gear Solid!


– Continuing their attempt to make POP! Vinyl figures of everything, look for Universal Monster figures from Funko in September.


– This excites the hell out of me – TV on the Radio has announced a new album, Seeds for a Fall release.

Be back tomorrow for your Friday Daily Blast! And hopefully a Guardians of the Galaxy review too!