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Another Day, Another Piece of BRAVE Artwork

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Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but either Pixar is wanting to cushion the blow of Cars 2 by getting us excited for Brave early, or it’s just some very conveniently timed leaking by fans.

Never the less, today’s new piece of Brave artwork is headshots of four of the film’s characters.

From left to right, you have…

  • Princess Merida (Kelly MacDonald, our lead)
  • Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson)
  • The Wise Woman (Julie Walters)
  • Lord MacIntosh (Craig Ferguson)

I really love the look of these characters. So nuanced, so unique. Just very expressive and detailed faces, and it really doesn’t feel like a standard Pixar film.  And you have to love the Braveheart homage with MacIntosh.

Here’s hoping that trailer is the next thing to leak.

Brave hits theaters June 22nd, 2012.

EDIT: Updated – June 24th – 8:30am

Just got a high-rez screen shot of Merida.  Really showcases how close to the concept art they’re getting, and how different this feels from the usual Pixar flick. Enjoy!

Click for High-Rez!