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Sorry for the Gene Schalt-esq headline, but I couldn’t avoid using it.

Last night, I had the fantastic fortune of catching a preview screening of this years re-do of The Incredible Hulk.

While Nick and I will be speaking about it at length on the podcast (we’re recording a new one tonight!), I figured I’d leave some impressions.

First things first, Ed Norton is fantastic as Bruce Banner. It isn’t much of a stretch to presume that he would be, considering his prior work, but he doesn’t just play the tortured part of Banner, he adds moments of much needed levity to the role. Simply put, it’s not all angst, all the time.

Secondly, the supporting cast? Far more solid than that seen in 2003’s Hulk. Tim Roth makes a great villain as Emil Blonsky (I was honestly bummed when he became Abomination), Liv Tyler makes for a solid Betty Ross, and I really enjoyed William Hurt as General Ross.

Lastly, the “Marvel U” integration. I was worried considering early buzz, that this flick might end up being more of a “Hulk enters the Iron Man universe” movie than a straight up Hulk movie. I’m pleased to say that despite some great nods to fans, hints toward future installments, and an amazing last scene, the movie holds on it’s own. Whoever is the continuity nerd at Marvel Studios is totally earning their paycheck.

To summerize? The Incredible Hulk is another solid installment for what is (for me at least) a flawless summer movie going experience. Can we keep this trend going?