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Nike Brings BACK TO THE FUTURE II To Life: App-Controlled Self-Lacing Shoes


Getting the right fit from a performance shoe is both personal and complicated. Consider basketball: Over the course of a basketball game, the foot can expand almost a half-size during play. A level of fit that feels comfortable at one point might feel constrictive just 24 minutes later. Because the needs of the foot change at any given time based on the sport, its duration and on specific movements, like a slashing cut to the basket, “perfect fit” is a floating target.

The effort to refine fit has yielded a number of innovative platforms through Nike’s history – Huarache, Flywire and Flyknit, to name a few. Perhaps none was more critical to advancing custom fit than the 2016 introduction of the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, the first Nike multipurpose performance shoe to feature power lacing.

Now, Nike has found its most advanced fit solution to date: Nike Adapt, a platform that creates a truly custom fit by combining an advanced power-lacing system, an app and continually updated firmware, featured in the new Nike Adapt BB basketball shoe.

What a world. Just a few years after BttF II predicted it, too.

Sophia Coppola and Bill Murray to Reunite for A24/Apple’s First Film

The Wrap:

Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray are set to reunite for the first time since Murray’s Oscar-nominated turn in her 2003 film “Lost in Translation.”

The two will work together again in “On the Rocks,” which Coppola is writing and directing with Murray to star opposite Rashida Jones, according to an individual with knowledge of the project.

I’m in!

Apple Now Provides Maps to Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go:

We’re excited to announce that map and address-related searches on DuckDuckGo for mobile and desktop are now powered by Apple’s MapKit JS framework, giving you a valuable combination of mapping and privacy. As one of the first global companies using Apple MapKit JS, we can now offer users improved address searches, additional visual features, enhanced satellite imagery, and continually updated maps already in use on billions of Apple devices worldwide.

That’s a massive move for Apple’s continued privacy push.

But you know what would be bolder? If Apple turned down the literal billions that Google pays them to stay the default search engine.