The Philadelphia cheesesteak as obsession and art

The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Anytime he visits Philadelphia, Chujo almost exclusively eats cheesesteaks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for research. He measures each cheesesteak with a mini tape measure and digital food scale, writing extensive notes in a cheesesteak notebook he carries with him everywhere.

Today, he has customers who venture to the shop from all across the U.S., United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and Europe. Last summer, his restaurant went viral after being shared by Philly-based social media accounts and media outlets, including The Inquirer, for his authentic cheesesteak on a long roll, served in a restaurant intricately adorned with Philadelphia sports memorabilia, murals with local slogans, and merchandise from various Philly businesses.

Apologies if this article made you hungry, but I loved this piece interviewing Kosuke Chujo, chef and restauranteur, owner of Philly, based in Tokyo, Japan.

Obsessed with making the perfect cheesesteak, Chujo heads to Philadelphia to research, measure, and hone his skills. It’s a really cool look into how American and Japanese culture and palates can differ, and crucially, how they can be brought together.