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Sony Aims to Help Adults Complete More Games With PS5 Activities

Internal Sony Docs Explain How “Activities” Became a Cornerstone for PS5:

The problem, Sony proposed, was that people don’t have enough information to determine when and how they should play a single player game. Alongside being able to jump around between different quests, Sony’s activity feature would suggest how long it will take to finish a quest, allowing players to find something that fit best with the time they have available.

I had a hunch this was the focus — besides killing off the traffic to walkthrough sites like GameFAQs or video walkthroughs on YouTube, but seeing it spelled out from the internal Sony docs really nails it.

“In an ideal world, every player has the time to spend hours per day, every day, playing games,” reads a slide on top of a photo of a man holding a baby and a cup of coffee. “In reality, most people have jobs. Or kids. Or school. Or all of the above. Often, free time comes wedged between other obligations. An hour before bed. A 30-minute break between homework assignments. A few minutes before your online MP [multiplayer] match.”

I relate to this so hard. We’ve come so far from suggesting that we start making to-do lists for our games, haven’t we?