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Yet ANOTHER BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Reboot in the Works for the Big Screen

Simon Kinberg to Write, Produce ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Movie for Universal (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter:

The Cylons are on the march.

Simon Kinberg has signed on to write and produce Battlestar Galactica, Universal’s long-gestating feature adaptation of its sci-fi TV franchise.

Kinberg, who was the main architect of almost a decade’s worth of X-Men movies, now has a new franchise universe to work with and will be starting from the ground up in telling the tale of humans on faraway planets on the run from a race of intelligent machines bent on wiping them out.

He will join producer Dylan Clark, who has long shepherded the project, which has attracted filmmakers such as Bryan Singer and Francis Lawrence over the years.

Why not? I mean, the TV reboot is now 16 years old, having gone off the air 11 years ago.

At the same time…

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