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DC Universe is Dead, Long Live DC Universe Infinite

The announcement everyone has expected has arrived.

DC Comics PR:

Calling all comic book fans to Explore the Multiverse! DC today announced the evolution of DC UNIVERSE into DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, a premium digital comic book service set to launch on January 21, 2021. With access to more than 24,000 comic books at launch, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE subscribers will also encounter digital-first comics, exclusive access to DC fan events, as well as a steady stream of recently released comics six months after the physical versions hit store shelves. Following its initial launch, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will begin expanding globally in SUMMER 2021.

The big takeaways:

  • Titans and Doom Patrol were already confirmed as moving to HBO Max for their third seasons, with their prior seasons already having moved over to the platform
  • Harley Quinn1, which has taken off rather considerably with its first two seasons hitting HBO Max, has finally been picked up for a third season.
  • The comics catalog for DC Universe Infinite now is at a six month delay from retail, versus the current one year delay, putting it on parity with Marvel Unlimited.

The only bummer? Pricing remains the same – $10 a month, or $75 yearly. Given how regularly you can get a coupon code to have a year of Marvel Unlimited for $60, it would behoove DC to match or beat that.

Also, can we get some Vertigo, please?

  1. I started watching Harley Quinn earlier this week. It’s actually really good. Give it beyond the pilot – it’s very Venture Bros-esq.