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Entertainment Weekly Gets a First Look at Tom King’s BATMAN/CATWOMAN

In Batman Returns, Selina Kyle’s apartment contains a neon sign that’s supposed to say “Hello There.” But a couple letters have gone out, turning the display into “Hell Here.” The duality between those sentiments also applies to Selina’s upcoming reunion with Bruce Wayne in the pages of Tom King’s Batman comic. The playful romance between Batman and Catwoman has been a cornerstone of King’s story, but Bat has also been stuck in a depressive spiral ever since Cat left him at the altar in last year’s “wedding” issue. Now Batman’s at his lowest point, Gotham’s at its lowest point, and Catwoman returns — and EW has your exclusive first look below.

I’m still bummed that this won’t be in Batman proper (I think the New Gods stuff is PR spin), but I’m still excited to see how King’s run ends, regardless of the title on the cover.