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The Baffling Reveal of the New AVENGERS Video Game

So, last night, as I just mentioned, Square Enix had their E3 2019 press conference, showing off their games for the next year or so.

As hyped as people were for the Final Fantasy VII Remake (and how well that paid off), people were just as excited for the reveal of the new Avengers game, coming from Crystal Dynamics, the Square Enix studio best known for the Tomb Raider series.

And this was the trailer they showed off…

Perhaps its the unfair afterglow of the PlayStation 4 exclusive Sony-developed Spider-Man game, but this looks really, really bad.

The character models are awful. The gameplay is unclear. The story is a weird mish-mash of the MCU tropes of heroes being outlawed, the Avengers falling apart, etc, etc.

None of it was very impressive. And then even more strangely, we got this video…

Why do I need to watch the voice cast explain their roles, and talk about such high-minded concepts as “I think Iron Man is a mask for Tony Stark to wear…”.


There’s a long way between here and May 15, 2020, and all of the long-term support and free updates and other promises which were made on stage after these two presentations are good…but I don’t care about free stuff if the game itself isn’t intriguing. And what they showed yesterday was anything but.

Do better, Square Enix. You’re not just going to get away with making a splash just by having the Avengers game. We expect more now.