Another Awesome Japan Only Action Figure: Medicom’s MAFEX ‘The Dark Knight’ Joker


I always hate when I see things like this.

1. They make me want to get into collecting again.

2. I get all sad because clearly, no one in the US will make a figure this rad.

3. I think about how much it would cost to import, and then return back to 1.

Never the less, Medicom – they of the first series of high-end 1:6 scale costumed figures – have recently turned their attention to the 1:12 (6″) scale with their MAFEX line.  Thus far, the figures released have included a Dark Knight Rises styled Batman and Spider-Man from both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. They’re really great, but this next figure is definitely going to get people on the bandwagon – a Joker, a’la his appearance in the classic The Dark Knight.

Including a slue of accessories, including a bunch of weapons and an alternate head, an in-depth photo series just hit The Fwoosh overnight. Check it out here.

Don’t get too excited, though – the figure won’t hit shelves until February 2015, and if past MAFEX figures are any indication, should cost about $40.