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GREEN HORNET Finds A Director! Again!

Hey, remember a few years back, when we heard Kevin Smith was writing Green Hornet we were all like: Eh?

And then Smith left, and we heard that Seth Rogen was going to be donning the green mask, we were all like: Guh?

And then Stephen Chow jumped in, both to direct and play Kato, and we went: “I think this is a good thing.”

And then Chow left the role of director, and we went: 🙁

Well, get ready for the next hill on the roller coaster which has been the production of Green Hornet.


‘Cause Michel Freakin’ Gondry is directing it.

Yes, that Michel Gondry. The guy with the trippy music videos, and awesome yet bizarre movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep. That one.

I have zero idea what to expect now. Seriously.

Original Post: Michel Gondry steps in for ‘Green Hornet’.