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A Cutesy First Look At The Movie’s Cobra Commander

Man, the internet is just set to ruin my post-Super Bowl movie buzz.

Earlier today, we had the images of robots from Transformers 2…which generally looked more like Bionicle bots than anything else.

Now, we have the first look at Cobra Commander from the GI Joe movie.

Granted, you’ve gotta put an asterisk on that.  This first look comes from the packaging of the GI Joe Movie “Combat Heroes” action figure line.  A line of toys that features cutesy, super deformed versions of characters from different properties.

So while this isn’t 100% screen accurate, I think we can presume it’s close, given the looks of the other figures in the line.

…at least Destro’s gonna have a silver head…

Original Post:Topless Robot – FAIL.