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Burger King Wants Your Friends To Hate You

I know we’ve been afraid of The King for a few years now, but I’ve officially become convinced that Burger King is pure evil.

Just yesterday, BK announced a brand new Facebook application entitled WHOPPER SACRIFICE.

What’s the gimmick?  Here goes…

You install “Whopper Sacrifice”, and upon clicking it, you get a list of your Facebook friends.  For every 10 friends you highlight, and choose to delete, you get a coupon for a free Whopper.

Here’s the catch!  Your friend, who you “sacrificed”, gets a message indicating that you feel that they are less important to you than a Whopper.

Thanks BK and Facebook!  I can only imagine the legion of scorned exes and fairweather friends which are making burger lovers’ life a living hell today.

Original Post: WHOPPER® SACRIFICE – Sacrifice 10 friends from Facebook for a free WHOPPER®