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No Time For Love, Dr. Jones…


With the release this week of Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, I’ve been undergoing a bit of an obsession with everyone’s favorite archaeologist.

This has included cracking into the DVDs of the trilogy (wherein I was surprised to realize that in all these years I’d never watched Temple of Doom, but yet seen Raiders and Last Crusade dozens of times), rekindling my childhood crush on Karen Allen (she’s still got it, even at 56, I don’t care), reading WikiPedia (who knew the journey towards Indy 4 was so difficult?), and stumbling upon dozens of reviews and interesting articles leading to Thursday’s release of the fourth Indiana Jones adventure.

The most interesting article thus far? This scrap from a supposed Q&A with famed composer John Williams.  According to the article, before writing, Williams actually comes up with song lyrics for each of his themes, and writes the appropriate music, knowing that they’ll never get heard.

What exactly were the words to “Raiders March”, the famed Indy theme? The lyrics may surprise you….

In-di-ana fuck-ing Jones

In-di-ana moth-er-fuck-ing Jones

In-di-ana fuck-ing Jones

Bite my ball-sack you Na-zis I’m In-di-ana fuck-ing Jones

I don’t know about you, but I now know the song I’ll be singing to myself as the lights go down at The Senator this Thursday evening.