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Run Run Run Jump. Run Jump. Look At The Pretties.


It seems the parkour trend has finally made it to gaming.

If you’re not familiar with parkour, it’s a version of freestyle running, with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, and also a style that’s been used pretty often lately in action movies (see the opening of Casino Royale, the henchman in Live Free or Die Hard, or all of the parkour tour-de-force District B13.)

In any case, impressions went up today over at Wired’s Game|Life blog of the forthcoming EA title Mirror’s Edge. This unique first person title is ALL about the parkour, and from the impressions, looks to be one of the most exciting action titles this gaming generation.

Between the (already) astonishing graphics, innovative gameplay, and overall risktaking design, this is a title to watch for ’09. Click the story for full impressions and additional screenshots.