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So Maybe I’m A Bit Gay For Daniel Craig

Let’s lay it out there…I never really ‘got’ James Bond. I’ve seen most of the movies over the years, even dug a few (Goldeneye was pretty rad)…but despite that, I never found myself a James Bond ‘fan’ persay.

That totally changed with Casino Royale. Taking Bond back to the novella roots, played masterfully by Daniel Craig, who came off with that perfect combination of badass and suave, plus some incredible parkour-styled action (and the tasty Eva Green), it all made for one hell of an enjoyable flick, one that I revisit often on DVD.

So now that Quantum of Solace is set for November of this year, the hype train has started with this brand-spankin’ new teaser poster, courtesy of Moviefone/Ain’t It Cool News.


Word is that Solace picks up 20 minutes after the end of Royale, so the pose is appropriate, as it’s the last image we saw of Bond. If you click the link to the article above, there’s also an embedded video with some of the first footage from filming. Looking good! While we’re just getting started on the summer hype season, it’s good to know that the end of the year will have some movies worth checking out as well.