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I’m not sure if it’s just some misplaced nostalgia, or my current reinterest in gaming (between the online components of the 360 and PS3, plus their amazing HD graphics, and the interesting control schemes of the Wii, I’ve been playing a lot more than usual), but I’m finding myself quite excited for Street Fighter IV.

Now, I know some people that were HUGE fans of SF3, but I really haven’t been into the Capcom fighters since the Alpha/Versus Marvel era.

But SF4? I’m totally there, especially with the reveal of new characters in the game in this weeks Famitsu magazine.  In addition to the obvious Ken and Ryu, plus the SNK-looking/GI Joe-name-having new character “Crimson Viper”, they just announced a whole slue of new characters, plus unleashed a bunch of screen shots.

Who are the new characters?  How’s about..oh…Chun Li, Dhalsim, Blanka, Guile, E. Honda and Zangief? Yeah, that’s right, the original SF2 Eight are in the game! Now, all we need is some Vega action, and I’m totally pumped.

Wanna check it out? The scans are below.