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More Japanese McDonald’s Love

You may have noticed a bizarre trend here at Blast-O-Rama.  We really LOVE McDonald’s Japan.

I’ve gone on record before, as a child – big fan of McDonalds.  As an adult?  Not so much (although I get a craving 1-2 times a year).

But there’s something very intrigiung to me about an intensely American corporation such as McDonald’s and how their menu is reconfigured, changed, or even in some cases, completely thrown out when it’s brought over to the land of the rising sun.

Despite the documentation of some of the surreal foodstuffs available in the Nippon McD’s, there hasn’t been a comprehensive look at the McDonald’s Japan menu.


You can thank the fine folks at for this one.

How sad is it that if I ever make it to Japan, I’ll just have to experience McDonald’s Japan for myself?

Original Post: The Japanese McDonalds Menu (I’m actually lovin’ it!)

Sundance Is Lookin’ GOOOOOOD!

Here I was, ready to write off 2009 movie-wise with the (hopeful?) exception of Watchmen.

Looks like this years Sundance Film Festival has quite a bit to say about that.

The lineup for the most-prestigious film festival in indie filmmaking is looking good, with the Charlyne Yi-Michael Cera psuedo-bio pic Paper Hearts, the John Krasinski (that’s Jim from the Office) directed adaptation of Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, and most surprisingly, the Patton Oswalt starring Big Fan, which features Oswalt as a HUGE Giants fan who deals with the fall out when he gets beat up by his favorite player.

I guess indie filmmaking will make ’09 as worthwhile as the big blockbusters did this past year.  I hope.

Hey, Jami!  Are you going this year?

Original Post: 2009 Sundance Film Festival Competition Films Announced | /Film

Whatever Happened To Genndy Tartakovsky?

This past holiday weekend, I was riding in the car of one Mr. Ghostfreehood, listening to The Forcecast.  He’s experiencing a resurgence in his Star Wars fandom, so he’s devouring all that he can.

What was of note, however, was how the team who is doing the sound work on the new Clone Wars toon crapped all over the Tartakovsky version from 2003, saying it was no longer “canon”.  I was somewhat outraged, given that it was honestly the best thing to come of the prequels.

This of course made me wonder…what is Genndy up to?

Last we heard, he was working on a (now-scrapped) sequel to The Dark Crystal.

A bit of searching around though, and I stumbled upon this great interview from AICN with Jon Faverau, discussing the sequel to IRON MAN.

Guess who Faverau picked up as storyboard artist, just because of his amazing action sequences?

That’s right, Genndy’s maping out the future of ol’ Shellhead.

One waddle’s loss is another’s gain, I guess.

Consider me double-pumped for IRON MAN II. And hey, read the article. It’s pretty damn good.

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