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CubeDudes Are SUPER RAD!

batmanWe’ve featured the Lego work of Pixar animator/director/awesome guy Angus MacLane in the past with his sweet interpretation of Up protagonist Carl Fredricksen, but it seems he’s undertaken another great project with CubeDudes.

CubeDudes is is attempt to make mini-figure sized versions of all sorts of well known characters from the worlds of comics, movies and cartoons using Legos, and he’s really outdone himself here.  I’ve included a gallery of some of his creations, but I recommend going to the linked Flickr gallery to see them all.  Amazing work.

Original Post: Collection: CubeDude.

Microsoft’s COURIER: It’s Not Just A Font Anymore

Wow, with all the rumors and hubub about Apple’s new tablet, who would’ve thought that Microsoft would be the one to leave tech nerds drooling over tablet possibilites?

In details released exclusively today by gadget blog Gizmodo, this amazing tablet called Courier features two elegant touch screens, allows for reading/writing/drawing, and overall looks genuinely astonishing.  I highly advise you click through at the bottom to view the video of the interface.  It’s beautiful.

While I had been certainly impressed by Microsoft’s work on the Zune, and making the 360 a more elegant gaming experience (the system’s known fragility issues aside), I didn’t think we’d see anything this amazing coming out of Redmond.

Well done.  Now, make it affordable!

Original Post: Courier: First Details of Microsoft’s Secret Tablet – Microsoft courier tablet – Gizmodo.

The SUPERMAN That Thankfully Never Was

One of the greatest boondoggles in superhero film adaptation history had to be the much beleaguered Superman Lives.

With direction by Tim Burton, a script by Kevin Smith, and with then growing megastar Nicholas Cage as Superman, it seemed like it couldn’t miss.  But oh did it ever.

Between blowing hundreds of millions of dollars in pre-production costs, having what sounds like the most surreal script ever (in Smith’s own words), and giving both Burton and Cage “pay or play” deals that allowed them to walk away with millions without even having to film a single frame (and hint, they didn’t), it was an unmitigated distaster.

Now, thanks to Japanese Tim Burton fansite TimBurtonJP, we can see that if it had gone to screen, it would’ve looked as terrible as the script sounded, via the costume test video above.  For more insight for what could’ve been, the below gallery showcases a screencap of the costume (GOOD LORD!), plus some concept art from the project, also courtesy of TimBurtonJP.

Original Post:  ティム・バートンJP:ニコラス・ケイジのスーパーマン姿をTimButonJP限定で初公開!.

Et Tu, Dwayne?! ET TU!

Hey, did I ever tell you about the surreal fever dream I had, about The Rock starring in a movie as a hockey player who routinely knocks people’s teeth out, and then he gets forced to become a Tooth Fairy?

Yeah, it was some weird stuff. This is why I’m not allowed to write when I’m on NyQuil.

So what’s going on today in the movies on the web, eh?

New Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie? How iron–


Seriously though, I know the family movies are easy money, but why hasn’t someone put The Rock in a real comedy or action movie with balls? Dude has skills. Hate to see them wasted in pap like this.

Tooth Fairy stinks up cinemas on January 22, 2010.

Original Post:   I’ll Bet You Can’t Guess What Tooth Fairy Is About | Best Week Ever.