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Props To My Homie!

Hey, you guys know Ghostfreehood, right?

My artistic co-hort, my hetro-life-mate.  He who I’ve been conquering the world of webcomics with, on such titles as Dead of Summer and the newly launched Art Fight High School?

Yeah. That guy.

Anyway, today, he is more than my friend, business partner and ally.

As today…he is a winner!

Winner of the Aquabats Hooray For Poster Contests Contest that is!

That’s right, thanks to that awesome poster above, with the well drawn visages of MC Bat Commander, Prez Barry O, and the cutiest damn cat with two heads ever, his art will be featured prominently at the Aquabats’ show coming up on November 17th.  Which also features a certain charm city based keyboard pop band I’m friends with too…

How cool is that?

Congrats, amigo.


McDonald’s Tells The Golden Arches to SUCK IT with “Quarter Pounder”

What if I told you that McDonald’s decided to do away with all of their kitchy advertising?

No more golden arches, no more stupid-ass clown.

Just burgers and that’s it.

Sound crazy?

Crazy enough for Japan, apparently, where they’re testing out a stand alone restaurant called Quarter Pounder, which features that, and not much else.

It’s the latest in the “anti-branding” craze over in the Nippon, and speaking from a strictly graphical standpoint, I like it.  And honestly, I enjoy a McD’s QP every so often, so to have it without the in my face advertising?  Let’s do this, Japan!

Original Post: Quarter Pounder, McDonald’s No-Brand Burger Japanese Joint | A Hamburger Today

Hell Yeah! Djimon Hounsou to Voice the Black Panther

As the clock ticks closer to the February premiere of BET’s animated rendition of Marvel’s Black Panther, we’ve all been wondering…who will provide the powerful pipes to the enigmatic african adventurer?

It’s a mystery no-more, as B-Panth (as the trades call him) will be voice by none other than Djimon Hounsou (known as Digimon Hounsou, to his friends).

Fresh off of a starring role in the we-swear-it’s-not-Heroes flick Push, I think Hounsou’s a great choice for the role.

Even if I can’t help but think of him yelling “GIVE US US FREE” in Amistad.

Original Post: : Djimon Hounsou to Voice BET’s Black Panther

QuickPost Makes Blast-O-Rama More Blast-Tastic!

You probably noticed a far, far heavier post count today. than what you’ve seen in the past.

You might be asking: “Why?”, or more likely, you don’t care, but hey, let’s presume you do.

It’s all Ross Nover’s fault.  Or, more accurately, the fault of QuickPost, or as I’ve deemed it, the best WordPress plugin ever.

With it, I’m able to post almost instantaneously onto Blast-O-Rama, allowing me to share with almost shocking speed, whatever I’m nerding out about on the web.

As that was the main intent of this blog, it’s now better than ever.

If you think it’s a bit much…well, again, blame Ross.

Drop your thoughts on this, and well, any other story I post, in the comments.

Original Post: QuickPost WordPress Plugin