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Early in this month of July, we got the first look at Wes Anderson’s new film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I mentioned then that the look of the film was kind of creepy, and yet also felt like a throwback to family films of the 1970’s.

Now, courtesy of Yahoo!, we have the first trailer.  The animation continues to unnerve me, and I can’t say if I’ll be able to sit through this.

Your thoughts?

Original Post:  Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Trailer | /Film.

Let The Viral Marketing Games Begin!

No sooner than Tron Legacy and Iron Man 2 were crowed the belles of the ball at San Diego Comic Con this year, than did the viral marketing begin.

In the case of Tron, it was the super cryptic Flynn Lives! website, which is where that amazing teaser trailer leaked from last week.

For Iron Man 2 (and what inspired this post), the game begins today, with the official launch of the Stark Industries website.

You get a rather interesting welcome note from Tony Stark (shown above),  plus a link to apply to work at Stark Industries.  I’m guessing that application is what leads to the next part of the game, but good luck not googling for the answers to such questions as:

Just as I did with The Dark Knight viral last year, should anything interesting pop up, you’ll be the first to know. In the meantime, it’s time to see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

Original Post: Stark Industries.


That’s right.

Tron 2.

Or as it’s now titled, Tron Legacy. Honestly, so little is known about the plot and what we’re gonna see in 3D next year, that it’s better that I just let the images speak for themselves.

That’s your fancy teaser trailer above (which looks amazing), and your really stunning concept art below.

I barely recall the original Tron (time for a rewatch?), but this has me VERY excited for the stand alone sequel when it hits in 2010.


San Diego Comic Con 2007 was a very important one for comic nerds like me.

During that show, the first footage of Iron Man was shown. It blew minds in San Diego. And then as soon as the grainy handcam off-the-screen footage hit YouTube, it blew minds around the world. And mine was one of them.

I mean really, Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man?! I loved the dude, but I wasn’t sure. That footage made me a believer.

Then the movie hit theaters in May 2008. Again, beat the odds, making for one of the best comic films ever.

But could they make the sequel work?  The images continued to leak during the weak, seen above…yet all eyes remained on Hall H this past Saturday. The first footage of Iron Man 2. Did it deliver? Courtesy of, I have the description after the break. And I think it’s safe to say…it’s gonna deliver.


One of the many darlings of San Diego Comic Con had to be Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland.

Shot in 3D using Burton’s unique visual style, it undoubtably will warp children’s minds when it hits next year.

Luckily, they’re starting the eye melting now, with the Teaser Trailer officially being released (embedded above), and more new promotional images of the cast, seen below.

What are you thinking, readers?