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Another Day, Another Piece of KICK-ASS Media

Man, the team at Lionsgate have this whole internet marketing thing on lockdown, don’t they?

Just a day after launching the teaser trailer for this April’s comic adaptation Kick-Ass, and less than a week after the release of their sweet character banners, we now have a look at the first one-sheet for the flick.

Depicting the titular hero in a reflective moment after some crimefighting, wherein Kick-Ass apparently didn’t get the better of it, I could forsee this image being pretty iconic in terms of the promotion of the film.  That, and I like the tagline. Nice and in-your-face, as the film looks to be.

Well done, poster design team!

Original Post: New Kick-Ass Movie Poster | /Film.

8-Bit Awesome: A Behind the Scenes Look At CANABALT

As mentioned here previously, one of my gaming obsessions of this past year was the awesome flash/iPhone freerunning game Canabalt.

Developed in only a manner of days, Adam “Atomic” Saltman’s game took the internet by storm, and has been an amazing success since.

Now, thanks to the gang at BoingBoing, we’re getting a peek behind the curtain at Saltman’s sketchbook, as he plotted out the ideas for the game which became Canabalt.

Something I really loved was the intention of Canabalt being a much more advanced game, and Canabalt proper being a “quick race” option within that game.

I can’t help but wonder – when are we going to see Canabalt 2?!

Original Post:  The Running Man: behind the sketchbooks of Adam Saltsman’s Canabalt – Boing Boing.

Let’s Have a DATE NIGHT With Tina Fey & Steve Carrell!

Two NBC Thursday night comedy powerhouses collide in a flick coming from, surprisingly, not Universal, as 30 Rock’s Tina Fey and The Office‘s Steve Carell star in Date Night.

Steve & Tina star as the Fosters, a married couple who seem to have lost the spark in the relationship, so they embark on a series of date nights.

One such night sees them take one risk too many, and end up on the wrong side of some shady folks.

Overall, based on the trailer, the flick seems pretty unoffensive, a simplistic cute film built around a fun premise.  Maybe a little too high on the True Lies scale, but I could see this being a great choice for…you guessed it, a date night.  But I don’t see myself rushing out for this.

And yes, nerds, that is Olivia Munn as the hostess.

Date Night is due to hit theaters on April 9, 2010.

KICK-ASS Trailer Has Arrived Super Early!


Trailer Park | MySpace Video

Wow, I wasn’t expecting this for at least a week.

But, never the less, the internet gods have granted us our first look at Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of the Mark Millar comic Kick-Ass.

Sure, this squeaky clean trailer doesn’t really give the slightest inclination of the hard-R flick, but I think it’s safe to say, if you were on the fence about Kick-Ass before, this trailer MIGHT just make you a believer.

So…can we get a red-band trailer soon, gang? I wanna see Hit-Girl eff some ess up!

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First CLASH OF THE TITANS Trailer Leaves Me Cold

Hold on tight, film nerds. They’re doing a remake of the classic greek soldiers vs. monsters classic Clash of the Titans.

And if this first trailer is ANY indication…not a lot to get excited about.

Honestly, watching this, I really could not have cared less. Similar to the issues I had with the Prince of Persia trailer, sure, it looks cool, and that soundtrack makes it sound epic…but…there’s zero substance. It’s the movie trailer equivalent of a pixie stick.  Come on gang, at least give me a candy coated shell to chew through!

Another thing to worry about – this is the 3rd film with Sam Worthington as a lead.  Worthington got VERY lucky, and scored the lead roles in Avatar, Terminator Salvation and this back-to-back, and if Terminator was ANY indication of his chops, this does not bode well for either Avatar or this new version of Titans.

Either way, I’d like to remain optimistic about this flick, but right now, this is a zero-buy scenario.

Clash of the Titans (2010) is due to hit your local cinema on March 26th.

Original Post:  ‘Clash of the Titans’ Trailer Now Online! – Cinematical.