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Watchmen On The Moon Vs. The Internet

Just when I thought I had seen it all, the internet goes and blows me away.

As part of the ongoing marketing campaign for Watchmen, the creators of the film have set up a website for the in-continuity newspaper, The New Frontiersman.

On this website, they have pictures from history, including the one above, of Dr. Manhattan taking the first photograph on the moon.

Believe it or not, someone decided to take the time to DEBUNK the photo.


This is a level of internet oroboros that I never thought I’d see.

Congrats, internet, once I thought I had you figured out. Today, you surprise me.

The RETURN of The State!

Growing up a comedy nerd, there were few things in life I enjoyed more than The State.

Ever since they went off the air in the mid-90s, I’ve wanted to see the team get back together.  Sure, they’ve done Reno 911, Stella and various projects, but nothing has been as great as the original team hammering out sketches.

Luckily, the 11 members of the troupe are getting back together to do 2 live shows for San Fran’s Sketchfest…and what better way to look forward, than to look back?

Check out this awesome interview Rolling Stone did with the guys (and gal) from The State, as they look at their history, and look ahead towards the future.

Original Post: A More Perfect ReUnion: The State Return to the Stage : Rolling Stone

More SCOTT PILGRIM Casting Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

God damn, it’s an exciting time to be a movie and comic nerd.  Well, for me at least.

If you’re a frequent reader here at Blast-O-Rama, you know I’m very excited for the movie version of SCOTT PILGRIM.

You have my favorite graphic novel going, being directed by one of my favorite directors going in Edgar Wright, starring one of my favorite actors in Hollywood (Michael Cera, who was one of the highlights of my favorite shows ever, Arrested Development).

And then to grab the role of Ramona, you had them grab one of my favorite young actresses in Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Now they’re just going APESHIT.

As 2009 is upon us, and production starts, we’re getting more and more information.

First, you had the announcement of Kieran Culkan starring as Scott’s gay roomate Wallace.

Then, they announced newcomer Ellen Wong as Knives Chau (that’s her up top with Mr. Wright).

Now, Aint it Cool News has announced who is playing one of Ramona’s evil-exes, the skateboarder/moviestar Lucas Lee.

Lucas, will be played by Chris Evans.

That’s right, the Human Torch himself, who proved himself as a great actor in Sunshine and might be the best part of Push.

If I wasn’t at critical mass, check an earlier post from Edgar Wright’s blog.  It’s a photo of the DVDs he brought with him to Toronto for shooting.  And I think it’s a good idea of where he’s pulling influences from.

Holy fucking shit. If he pulls off even a 10th of his inspiration…

All this movie needs now is an appearance from Patton Oswalt, and I’d have to fuck it.