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Here We GO! INCEPTION Trailer Released!

As seen attached to prints of Sherlock Holmes this past weekend, we finally have our first full look at Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

The above trailer is embeded courtesy of FirstShowing.Net, but for a super sweet HD version, click the link below for the original source, Apple’s trusty trailers page.

While again, the trailer gives us very little to go off of as to what we will actually see in the film, the glimpses of imagery (that amazing shot of a city being rolled up) and cast (oh snap! Ellen Page!) are enough to keep me frothing until the next media release.

Inception will hit theaters this summer.

Source: Apple – Movie Trailers – Inception.


There’s been much controversy over the Kevin Smith directed Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan buddy cop film.

Originally titled A Couple of Dicks, Warner Bros gave in at the final hour to promotional and advertising whims and decided a change of title would be necessary to avoid the same issues Smith saw with Zach & Miri Make A Porno.

A shame, as this was getting a lot of press, as being the first film directed by Kevin Smith not written by him (described as a “step up” for him, he said you’d barely recognize it as one of his films), and the sorta dream pairing of Willis and Morgan.

Today the first trailer went online, featuring the films new title – Cop Out – and while it doesn’t look like a Smith film…it doesn’t look all that exciting, either.  I’m guessing (hoping?) there’s a really awesome red-band trailer in the wings for the flick, but unfortunately, the only excitement I derived from the trailer was that Smith was working with Seann William Scott again.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’ll be awesome. We’ll see when Cop Out hits theaters on February 26th.

Source:  Kevin Smith’s Cop Out Movie Trailer: These Guys Really Are a Couple of Dicks | /Film.

Gladiator Hood: Prince of Thieves Has A Poster

Ok, I know last time I gave the Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe version of Robin Hood the title of Gladiator 2 as a gag…

But with the new poster appearing, seen above…I really think they’re laying it a bit thick.

Doesn’t it feel like a screenshot from the opening scene of Gladiator?

So weird.

Robin Hood‘s wife and child will get murdered, and he’ll become a fighting slave, in theaters this Summer.

Source: Robin Hood Posters | /Film.

Get Ready for Inglourious Basterds: Episode One

You know, while I was looking forward to Inglourious Basterds, I don’t think I expected it to be the film it was.  Nor did I expect to enjoy it as much as I did.  Honestly, in rewatching it on blu-ray, I fully expect it to rank high on my best of ’09 list. (Comin’ on December 31st!)

And apparently, Tarantino really liked it too.

According to an interview with Vulture, QT has written 40 pages of a prequel to Basterds. He gives no indication as to what direction the film would take, but I have a feeling it’d focus more on the titular basterds, considering they were really only about half of the original film.

Whatever the direction the prequel takes, it won’t be Tarantino’s next film, as he’s working on a “smaller, less epic” film. Which he won’t talk about, yet.

No matter what the film ends up being, I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing it.

Source:  Exclusive: Quentin Tarantino on the Basterds Prequel, Another Forthcoming Film, and Israeli Versus German Audiences — Vulture.