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New Coke Can Design Would Have Me Drinking Soda Again!


So, last April, after some extensive dental work, which has continued into today, I gave up soda for the most part.  I’ve gone from drinking it literally daily, to drinking it on very rare occasions.

I can say honestly, however, if Coca-Cola moved towards using a can design like this Concept design, I’d grab a 12 pack in a heartbeat.

With an embossed logo, each of these cans look great, without the effort of a single color.  If I had to guess though, Coke would turn it down for not using their trademark red/white color scheme.

Oh, to dream of what could be.

Original Post: Package Design: Colorless Coke Can.

The Great Jon Hamm Debate

Late last week on Twitter, I postulated a rather important question for those of us in nerd kind.

The question…

Would Jon Hamm Make a Great Superman?

In response to that, my old internet buddy e. sent along an image created in his office after JUST such a debate!

As you can see, he looks great with heat vision.

But today, thanks to a link from the always awesome artist Dean Trippe, I’m conflicted. The link contained this image.

So now I go to you internet…

Jon Hamm: Better Batman…or Superman?

You make the call, interweb! Leave your thoughts in the comments.

What Was The Ending? WORRY NO MORE!

Lost In Translation.

The Wrestler.

No Country for Old Men.

What do these movies all have in common, aside from being some of the best films of the past decade?

They all have super ambiguous endings.

Luckily, the crack video staff at College Humor have worked diligently to pull the true endings from these, and other films off of the cutting room floor, and finally, we can have some closure.

What movie ending would you most want to see explained?

The Seth Macfarlane Code: DECRYPTED

I like Seth MacFarlane a lot.  Dude seems like a great guy, seems to be having the time of his life, and despite what his cartoons may make you believe, he comes across as a super intelligent guy.

Heck, even during an episode of the Adam Carolla Podcast, I realized – he and I may not be that different mentally.  We have a lot of the same flaws, we have a lot of the same barriers.

And hey, I still find myself watching Family Guy/The Cleveland Show/American Dad.  Sure, none of those shows are really ever going to win an award for their writing, but even with their not so great hit/miss ratio, when one of those shows hit for me, it’s out of the park.

So, when I watch the above video, the humor for me is in two places.

First, CollegeHumor nailed the MacFarlane tropes to the freaking wall.

Second, it’s not really his fault.  If Fox offered you $100 million to basically do the same show for 90 minutes a week – wouldn’t you take it?

Maybe that’s why Seth always looks so god damn jolly.

F**K A Lawn Gnome, I’m Getting A Garden Jawa!

Just when you think Lucasfilm has found every available angle for Star Wars merchandise, they turn over another rock, and find something you’d actually want to own.

Taking my favorite alien race from the Star Wars saga, this exclusive Garden Jawa takes everything that’s rad about a lawn gnome, and awesome about these tiny droid-sellers, and slams them together into one bad-ass package.  I especially love his little gardening gloves.

I guess I now know what to buy for a friend’s housewarming gift.

The Garden Jawa can be yours for $35.

Original post: – Exclusive Garden Jawa.