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Another Awesome Mashup: VINYL FANTASY 7!

I didn’t think that there would be a cross over between the hip hop heads and RPG nerds, but this amazing new mash up album has proved me very wrong.

Taking one part Final Fantasy VII soundtrack and another part of some of the greatest MCs going today, and you have this STUNNING mashup album – Vinyl Fantasy 7.

This album is using the Radiohead “Pay As You Like” format if you want a copy, and if you like the mix provided by the super talented Team Teamwork, give their Zelda meets hip hop album, the appropriately titled The Ocarina Of Rhyme a download as well.

Source: Vinyl Fantasy 7 is the freshest thing you’ll hear today.

Hey, It’s More GREEN LANTERN Movie Designs!

I guess the Green Lantern movie art we saw about a week ago may be real, as we’re seeing even more art leak out from the next big DC Comics flick.

Today’s batch brings us a look at the Guardians of the Universe (the blue headed guys) and Sinestro as a Green Lantern, before his villainous fall from grace.

My one question at this point – when the heck are we going to see Hal’s suit?

At this rate, I think it will keep in touch with the classic comic look, but update it in a classic and sleek way – if this concept art is real, that is.

What do you think so far?

Source: Green Lantern’s New Concept Art Has Blue Aliens We’re Actually Scared Of – green lantern – io9.

Possible SMURF MOVIE Design Gives Me The Creeps

In this world where not one but two Alvin & The Chipmunks films have ruled the box office, it should come as no surprise that my childhood will continue to be mined for film interpretation.

However, sometimes the transition to the real world makes these character designs look stellar, and others – they look downright creepy.

Which brings us to the above supposed design for the blue characters from The Smurfs film.

Yeah, I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Source: The Smurfs Movie Character Design – Exclusive First Look – The Smurfs –

God of War III Slurpees Deliver What Gamers Need More Of…Sugary Drinks!

Anyone who knows me personally knows that the cups in my house are, at least in majority, made up of the collectors style Slurpee cups.

What can I say, I love them.  Great designs, last long, and they add a touch of nerd to my decor.

So it’s with that said, that I admit that I watch for every series of Slurpee cups, to see what will be added to the mix.  I’m ashamed to say I was never able to find Domo cups, but this February, I’ll be damned if I won’t be adding these awesome God of War III Slurpee Cups to my collection!

Based on the amazing Playstation game series (and, more importantly, timed to the release of the Playstation 3 sequel), all 4 cups come with images of Kratos, as well as codes for downloadable in game content.

If that wasn’t enough, 7-Eleven has dug up a new flavor of slurpee, called “Kratos’ Fury”.  What does fury taste like? Blackberries and lime apparently.  Delicious, berry flavored fury. Can’t wait.

Source: God of War III Slurpee tastes like Kratos’ fury; it’s delicious.

New Muppet Movie Gets Possibly The Best Direction Choice Ever

Hot on the heels of the decision to make Jason Segel the writer of the new Muppet film, it appears if Disney has made a pick for the director: James Bobin.

Name doesn’t ring a bell? He’s the co-creator of Flight of the Conchords – and if he does for the Muppets what he did for the 4th best folk duo from New Zealand, the new Muppet film might have what it takes to be a hit.

Imagine if you will, the surreal asides and artsy music video interludes from FotC mixed with singing, dancing muppets. Excited? If you aren’t, you should check to see if you have a soul.

This assignment isn’t 100% confirmed yet, as Bobin is apparently mulling over other offers, but if this goes through, I would be a very happy nerdy blogger.

Source: GeekTyrant – News – Flight of the Concords Co-Creator James Bobin Directing the New Muppet Movie?.