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OK, I’m not going to submit to the normal level of nerd rage here, because as an adult, I completely understand – Marvel is a gigantic, publicly owned company, and they’re more about the dollar than the quality when it comes to licensing their properties.

But I cannot see the appeal for the audience here, with this new line of Marvel approved High Definition Television sets.

Created by RTC23 (have you heard of them? I sure as hell haven’t), these sets come between the sizes of 22 and 55 inches in both LCD and LED flavors, and not just feature comic designs on the outside case, but also a custom character related image appearing on screen for 8 seconds when you turn the television on.

So let me get this straight  – it’s an HDTV of a lesser quality, with ugly case designs, a shitty image whenever you turn the TV on, and you’re paying a premium over a quality Samsung or Vizio HDTV? And they’re online sales ONLY?

Who the fuck is the market for this, REALLY?

Source: You Can Now Get Officially Licensed Marvel Comics TVs…Wait! What? – Marvel hdtvs – Gizmodo.

Grab A Taste Of The SCOTT PILGRIM Soundtrack With “Black Sheep”!

If I weren’t psyched enough about Edgar Wright’s adaptation of my favorite comic series ever, Scott Pilgrim, with the release of the film 5 scant months away, the hype and anticipation is starting to ramp up with more media coming from official sources.

Early on in the production of the film, it was revealed that popular Canadian indie rock bands would have their song’s standing in as the music for the bands in the film, appropriate, as they’re indie bands in Canada.

One such band is Metric, serving as the musical interpretation of the villainous Clash at Demonhead.  The song appearing in the film is titled “Black Sheep”, and it first appeared on Metric’s Facebook fan page, but now it’s been uploaded to YouTube for all to listen.

So check it out, and get psyched like I am!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is scheduled to hit theaters on August 13th.

Source: Metric Unveil Black Sheep, Our First Listen to the Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack | /Film.

Watch As Two CG Samurai Kick Each Others Asses!

Samurai from Phil Shoebottom on Vimeo.

Just stumbled upon this super sweet video – seems an FX team in the UK worked on this in their spare time over a few months.

Hard to believe work of this quality is being churned out by 5 people for free these days.  Really stunning stuff.

Click play and enjoy, it’s just a minute out of your day!

So How Will Disney Affect Marvel?

Since it’s announcement at the end of last year, the Marvel/Disney merger has been the talk of the internerd, my website included.

But finally, some amazing artists have stepped up to the plate and shown us how the merger may affect some long time favorites, in a stunning photoshop contest from

The concept? Hybrid versions of Marvel & Disney characters.

I’ve chosen one of my favorites to feature above, but really, it’s only the tip of the iceberg – I highly recommend you check out the full list of entries!

Source: Marvel/Disney Hybrids – Worth1000 Contests.

And So The DC/Marvel Movie Wars Begin

For four decades now, comic book juggernauts Marvel and DC have been in an ongoing war for the love and appreciation of fans worldwide.

I think it’s safe to say that in the world of comics, it’s been a dead heat for years.

But when it comes to the world of movies, Marvel has had the leg up this decade.  Sure, DC and it’s parent Warner Brothers have the most successful comic book movie of all time in 2008’s The Dark Knight, but Marvel has consistently won audiences over since 2002’s Spider-Man, and won even more favor with the launch of Marvel Studios and Iron Man, building a consistent universe across multiple films.

Now that Disney owns Marvel, and is continuing to build their film universe with sequels to Iron Man, the debut of Captain America and Thor, and of course the forthcoming Avengers film, it should come as no surprise that Warner Bros and DC Entertainment are working to counteract Marvel’s silver screen successes with a series of films of their own.

Much like Marvel Studios, the first true test of this new film universe will start with a second stringer character, as Ryan Reynolds stars as Green Lantern, but this past week has sent some rumors across the web which indicates he won’t be alone for long.

Major rumor number one has attached a director to the long anticipated film adaptation of The Flash.  Intended to helm the film? Greg Berlanti.  If his name doesn’t ring a bell, it will soon, as in addition to handling the directing for the Flash, he wrote the script for Green Lantern.  Taking a page out of Marvel’s book by having creative talent involved in multiple films (see Jon Favreau’s involvement in the Avengers films).

If that wasn’t enough, it seems we have some movement on the Superman front, as rumor not only puts the script in the hands of Batman Begins and Dark Knight scribe David S. Goyer, but the new film (titled The Man of Steel) is apparently going to be the directoral debut of Jonah Nolan, brother of Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, who co-wrote The Dark Knight with Goyer.

I’ve got to say, I’ve never been a huge DC fan, but if these moves do pan out, it’s going to make for quite the series of movies.  But of course, only time will tell if it all pans out.  Me – I’m very excited.