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A Follow Up on Genndy

So, a few months back, I wrote about the whereabouts of Genndy Tartakovsky.

At the time, he was storyboarding action sequences for Iron Man II.

Now, if that wasn’t cool enough, comes a post from the team at Frederator Films.

In an announcement, which can be read in full on the link below, they announce that a Samurai Jack film is go.

Not just any Samurai Jack film, oh no. One to be produced by…

…wait for it…

JJ Abrams.

Yep, that’s a thousand nerds screaming out in joy.

I’m excited.

Original Post: Frederator Studios Blogs | Frederator Films | Lunch with Genndy..



Hollywood is full of tales of films which get developed, but never make it to the screen.

If this early concept art is any indication, I’m hoping that The Looking Glass War isn’t one of them.

An alternate retelling of Alice in Wonderland, in a fantasy war setting, based on this art alone, could be an amazing film.

The art by Stephan Martiniere includes Alyss Hart (get it?!), the heroine of the film, plus soldiers of the Club, Diamond, Heart and Spade kingdoms.

May Tim Burton’s movie just well enough to allow this Charles Roven helmed flick green lit…but not do so well the studios think we’d be burnt out.

Original Post:  The Looking Glass War Concept Art | /Film.

Satoshi Kon Reveals THE DREAM MACHINE


Best known for his mind (and genre) bending animated films Paprika and Perfect Blue, director Satoshi Kon has revealed his latest project, titled The Dream Machine.

While details were still kinda hazy, Kon has announced that the flick will be a “road movie”, featuring an entirely robot cast.

The first few images from the flick have been revealed, and I’ve included them in a gallery below.  Knowing Kon’s past flicks, I have no doubt this’ll be something to look for in 2010!

Original Post: Paprika Director Has Kid-Friendly Robotic Dreams.


Let’s be honest. We’ve been saying for years that it was only a matter of time before Google went Skynet on us.

But honestly, I can say if they keep providing awesome ideas like this, I’m all for our new overlords.

The latest idea from the geniuses at Google is their first ever operating system, called Google Chrome OS.

Building off of their super badical web browser of the same name, Chrome OS is a very streamlined operating system for netbooks and similar low spec computers, allowing a user to operate “in the cloud”, i.e. with all storage online.

Google, being Google and owning YouTube and all, released the below video to showcase how the system will work.  Should you want to test it out yourself, a VMWare image of the program is available for download here.

Original Post:  First Glimpse at Google Chrome OS – Google Chrome OS – Lifehacker.

The Hazards Of Love Gone Animated!

Hands down, one of my favorite albums this year was The Decemberists’ The Hazards of Love.

A rather epic folk rock opera, with a story so tangled and twisted that I couldn’t really describe it without going on for pages, the album grabbed me both from an aural sense, but from a storytelling sense.

With that said, it really goes without saying that I am super excited to hear that Colin Meloy and the gang have given their thumbs up to an animated version of the album, to be titled Here Come the Waves: The Hazards of Love Visualized.

Due to premiere exclusively on iTunes on December 1, the film features segments animated by filmmakers Guilherme Marcondes, Julia Pott, Peter Sluszka and Santa Maria.

I’ve embedded the trailer above, but seriously, can’t we get a blu-ray of this?

Original Post: Pitchfork: Decemberists Turn The Hazards of Love Into Animated Film.