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An Absolutely Fantastic Q&A With PATTON OSWALT

I don’t often like to use this as just a link blog, but today I found a Q&A with writer/comedian/my personal hero Patton Oswalt which simply knocked me on my ass.

He’s long been someone who’s thoughts on comedy have intrigued and influenced my own, and I think this interview with GQ Magazine is a prime example of how eloquent and forward thinking Oswalt is.

So, by all means, click through to read about his opinions on the future of the comedic art form, how internet has changed the future of comedy, and even his thoughts on the NBC Thursday Night line up (echoing my thoughts on the series on right now).

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a really cool poster of his featured (seen above), which I’d love to own a copy of!

Click through, take 20 minutes, and really enjoy. It’s a heck of a read.

Source:  A Brief Conversation With Someone Smarter Than Us: The Q: GQ.


As evidenced here at Blast-O-Rama, and hell, across the internet as a whole, George Lucas is very much an important part of cinema’s past, present and even future.

The question is though: with the triumphant Star Wars Trilogy, and the less than beloved Prequel Trilogy, is it possible that Lucas represents both the highest highs and lowest lows of modern filmmaking?

That’s the question that the new documentary The People vs. George Lucas attempts to answer, and with it’s debut at SXSW next month coming ever so closer, the filmmakers have released a new trailer for the film, embedded below.

I, for one, think this will be a great take on a very much discussed and argued topic, and can’t wait to check it out for myself.  Let me know what you think, in the comments section.

Source:  New Teaser Trailer: The People vs. George Lucas | /Film.


After a decade of darkness, including a number of games that were hated by the gaming fanbase proper, it looks like it’s time to get excited for some proper Sonic the Hedgehog action.

Just announced for a Summer 2010 release from SEGA is Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, the first in a series of downloadable 2d Sonic games, hearkening back to the original series (which explains why it continues the numbering standard from the Genesis days).

Set to be available for the PSN, XBox Live Arcade and WiiWare marketplaces, if you’re a gamer, you won’t have an excuse to not be excited.  Seriously, watch the teaser below and tell me you aren’t geeked.

I’m a 25 year old adult, and my inner 6 year old can’t wait to spin attack my way through this game. Make me proud, SEGA.

Source:  Project Needlemouse Is… Sonic 4, Episode I – Top – Kotaku.

Watchmen 2. Yes. Watchmen 2.

It was if a million nerds facepalmed, all at once.

Fresh off the newswire from my favorite comic news and rumors site, Bleeding Cool, comes word that the unfilmable comic which had a film, Watchmen, may soon be the unsequelable comic with many, many sequels.

Sound like comic creation heresy? You’re not far off base.

Alan Moore, the writer/co-creator of Watchmen, has wanted nothing to do with a sequel or continuation of the comic.  Dave Gibbons, the artist/co-creator? Again – wanted nothing to do with a sequel. And DC President Paul Levitz had personally banned any sequel or continuation of arguably the greatest graphic novel of all time.

So of course, now that Paul Levitz has walked away from his role of DC president, DC Comics Senior VP/Exec Editor Dan DiDio has decided “if it’s fixed, break it!” as he is looking into putting together a series of prequels and ongoing series, spinning off of Watchmen.

While I don’t doubt that there would be a huge influx of sales initially for this project – it still cheapens the original.  And apparently possible creators have been standoffish about taking on the project – but you know there are some who will take it on regardless.

Get ready for another classic to be ruined.

Source: Bleeding Cool Comic Book News and Rumors » Get Ready For Watchmen 2.