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Stiller Vs. Galifianakis: It’s The Return of BETWEEN TWO FERNS

It’s the return of the most awkward talk show on the internet as Zach Galifianakis takes on Ben Stiller in this ultra confrontational episode of Between Two Ferns.  You thought the Conan/Leno Wars made for awkward TV? Zach is back to remind us how uncomfortable a talk show can be.

I’d say more, but it’d spoil the fun, so just click play and enjoy!

Source: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis: Ben Stiller from Between Two Ferns, Zach Galifianakis, Comedy Deathray, and Ben Stiller – Video.

My Poor Wallet: Hot Toys WAR MACHINE

It’s funny, it seems almost every post for My Poor Wallet seems to involve the latest and greatest figure from the crazy kids at Hot Toys, but when you release as amazing 1/6th scale collectable figures as they do (especially at the prices they do), they deserve the spot every single time.

The latest figure to grab the geeky spotlight? Their interpretation of War Machine from this May’s Iron Man 2.

The armor is stunningly detailed, the figure super articulated, the accessories numerous, and sure, the open mask sculpt of Don Cheadle isn’t quite right, but I’m sure they’ll fix that before production.

Either way, look through the gallery below and get to drooling. It’s truly a work of nerdy art.

Put On Your Fingerless Gloves! It’s The “Boombox” Video!

This past weekend’s SNL hosted by Jude Law was a mixed bag, especially following up the amazing episode hosted by Zach Galfinakis.

However, what this episode DID have, was the official video for “Boombox”, one of my favorite tracks off of The Lonely Island’s Incredibad album (which is, believe it or not, a year old now).

Sure, the video just translates the lyrics into visuals, but it’s done really well – especially if you haven’t heard the song before. Click play and ENJOY!

Source: The Lonely Island & Julian Casablancas – “Boombox” Video | Stereogum.

Feel The Burning Nostalgia – NBA JAM RETURNS!

Folks, I’ve never been much of a sports fan. Sure, I love watching Caps games, and I follow enough to understand what’s occurring, but I’m anything but a major sports fan.

However, I am super excited for the return of my second favorite sports video game of all time* – NBA JAM!

Currently announced only for the Wii, EA Sports would be silly to not release this for the PS3 and 360 as well, but as a console-agnostic gamer, I’m excited for this revamp of a childhood favorite.  Even if I’m not sure if that’s Dick Vitale doing the commentary.

Click play to watch the trailer, and get hyped.

Source: The Return of NBA Jam, in All Its Catchphrase Glory – NBA Jam – Kotaku.

*#1 favorite – NHL ’94 for the Sega Genesis