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Just When You Thought The Tron Sequel Had A Silly Name…

…they go and make it worse?

After a rather surprising trailer debut at San Diego Comic Con, the Tron sequel made nerds buzz, but not entirely for the right reasons.

Sure, the lightcycles looked bad ass, as did a bald Jeff Bridges, but…

It was titled TR2N.

Well, luckily, Disney seems to have seen the error of their ways.

The new title?


uh, Disney? Yeah, you’re doing it wrong.

Original Post: Stuff and Things: Some Post-Turkey ‘Tron’ Sequel Hatin’ – Cinematical

So How Does Nerf…Nerf?

In something that may be akin to recieving a Golden Ticket to the Wonka Factory for us children of the 80s-90s, has gone in-depth with the step by step process of a new Nerf weapon.

You might be surprised that it doesn’t just go “Another Ball Gun, K?”.

I’d also like to take this time to mention that Christmas is coming, and my house is currently not being protected by the Nerf Vulcan.

Hint. Hint.

Original Post: Nerf

Random Poll: How Do You Take Your Nuggets?


Over this long, enjoyable holiday weekend, I indulged in more than just a slice of pie…

I endulged in a long time guilty pleasure of mine.

About 1-2 times a year, I get a really bizarre craving for McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

The Nugget, the strangest of all processed chicken forms, is one that I grew up loving, but over time, realized I needed to eat less.

While I’m still a huge fan of chicken, the nugget intake has decreased dramatically.

In any case, while I was dipping my nuggets, it caused me to wonder…what does everyone else eat on their Nuggets?

Personally, my go to is BBQ Sauce, or if I’m at a Chik-Fil-A, some of their trademark Polynesian Sauce.  Course, you can dip them in anything from honey to Ketchup to buffalo sauce.

How do you take your nuggets, dear reader?

Ace Ventura Jr.: The Key Word Here Is HATE.



I can’t even spill out a sentence properly here. I considered some of my trademark biting wit, but honestly, I’m left defeated and saddened by this.

The fact that tripe like THIS gets green-lit, and decent ideas flounder…


Goddamnit, if I see someone purchase this, they’re dead.


XBox Live Friends, Anyone?

I could swear I did this in the past on here, but considering we’re about to hit another holiday season (and I’m sure more of you have XBoxen than before), I thought I’d post my XBox Live gamertag, so you fine readers can add me (and I you).

My XBL tag is OtakuGeekBoy.

Add me up, folks.

(And yes, that IS my avatar up there.  If you want an image of yours, use the following URL: