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Lock, Stock & Two Smokin’ LOBOs

Best known for his British gangsta films and being Madonna’s ex, Guy Ritchie will know be known for bringing “The Main Man” to the screen, as he helms the film adaptation of Lobo.

Possibly the first instance in years of me responding to a comic adaptation announcement of “That Character, Really?”, Lobo is best known as a late 80’s-early 90’s DC Comics in-joke, a spoof of Marvel’s grim and gritty characters such as Wolverine and Punisher.

An intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo traveled from galaxy to galaxy, killing everything in his path. Along the way, he had a comic cover where he might’ve had a penis for an elbow and had his ass kicked, off panel, by Wolverine during the mid-90’s DC vs. Marvel crossover.

While Ritchie seems to have removed the stink from his terrible Madonna film Swept Away by producing return-to-form flicks such as Revolver and RocknRolla (not to mention directing the hopefully-great Sherlock Holmes, due out this Christmas), I really can’t help but wonder…of all the DC characters on the shelf, why this one?

We’ll find out whenever Lobo hits theaters, I suppose.

Original Post: The Hollywood Reporter: Heat Vision: Guy Ritchie to direct ‘Lobo’.

Set Your Calendars for KICK-ASS & THE EXPENDABLES

Mark your calendars! Two of the biggest nerd films for 2010 now have dates!

From an official announcement by Lionsgate on their Twitter feed, we now have confirmed release dates for Kick-Ass and The Expendables.


Kick-Ass, the adaptation of the Mark Millar/John Romita Jr. series about a young vigilante,  has been set for April 16th.


The Expendables, the action tour de force written/directed/starring Sylvester Stallone, along with such action luminaries as Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will blast it’s way into theaters on August 20th.

Original Post:  Lionsgate Sets KICK-ASS For April 16th, 2010; Moves THE EXPENDABLES To August! — Ain’t It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news..

Three Dimensions O’ Shellhead

One of the biggest trends in Hollywood these days is to go 3D, and it should come as no surprise that one of the biggest new franchises in Hollywood, that of Iron Man, is looking into adding depth (HA!) to their next flick.

Over at Ain’t It Cool News, they have the exclusive tidbit that Paramount & Marvel Studios are currently looking into converting Iron Man 2 into a 3D feature. Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is currently being put together by taking 2D footage and enhancing it for 3D, so apparently this is now quite possible.  Furthermore, the rumor states, if the process is cheap/fast enough, they’ll look into re-releasing Iron Man 1 the same way, shortly before Iron Man 2 to get fans hyped.

Honestly, after partaking in the Avatar footage last month, I do see why so much of Hollywood is excited to go 3D. It DOES add a theater-only benefit to films.

However, and this is a big however (hence, italics), Avatar was natively shot in 3D. So was Coraline.  Those films made 3D feel important. Up was not, and the process felt unnecessary.  And I have an odd feeling so too would the next Shellhead adventure.

Either way, we’ll see what happens, and knowing me…yeah, I’d shell out the extra 3 bucks to see the movie in 3D.

Original Post:  AICN Exclusive: IRON MAN 2 in 3D?!?! & IRON MAN 1 too?!?!? — Ain’t It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news..

THE SMURFS Are Coming, In CGI Form

Fresh off the internet wire comes the above first look at the CGI movie version of The Smurfs.

The image comes from a trade magazine, and honestly, doesn’t give you much more than a Smurf, the logo, and a projected release date.  I didn’t really grow up as a Smurfs fan, so I can’t say I really…care, persay, but I know some of you probably do, hense…post.

What is weird, though?  The catchphrase from a movie about a coke dealer being used to market a movie about small blue elvish things to kids. That is comedy gold.

The Smurfs hits theaters, and possibly rapes childhoods, Christmas 2010.

Original Post: First Look at a CGI Smurf! –

PONYO’S On A Boat!

So, it’s Monday morning…

…Summer’s almost over…

…Marvel’s being bought out by the House of Mouse.

It’s a rough day.

This should get you feeling better.  Take one part Lonely Island, one part Hayao Miyazaki, shake vigorously.

Ponyo’s on a boat, motherfuckers.

Original Post: YouTube – Ponyo on a Boat!.