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A New KICK ASS Still Gives us HIT GIRL!

Let’s be honest, like every year, San Diego Comic Con is going to be freaking huge.  It kind of goes without saying.  And as a self described “nerd culture” blogger, I’m equally excited about what may be revealed, and worried about how I’ll cover it all.

One of the cool things they’re announcing in advance, however, is the first screening of sequences from Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar’s teen superhero comic Kick Ass.

And, because they’re so rad, in addition to announcing said screening of footage, they gave us nerds another new still, to go with the two prior images of the name-sake hero.

This time, we get a look at the 11-year old vigilante Hit Girl.

I’m not too sure what exactly she’s crying about, but something tells me that gun will solve it.

Original Post: Exclusive: Kick-Ass Footage To Premiere at Comic-Con; New Photo Revealed | /Film.

Robin Williams: The World’s Greatest Dad?

Remember last year when I got super excited over Robin Williams having a decent sounding (and really fucked up sounding) project for the first time in years?

Well, the red-band trailer for the Bobcat Golthwait film World’s Greatest Dad has finally hit the web, and by God, it’s just as fucked up as it sounded.

World’s Greatest Dad is set to shock theaters on August 21st, making for a nice double-feature with Inglorious Basterds.

Original Post: Hulu – Movie Trailers: World’s Greatest Dad – Red Band.

Vinnie Jones: Attacking Cardio, Attacking You

You may know him as Big Chris, Bullet Tooth Tony or even the Juggernaut, but no matter what name you came to know him under, the fact is, Vinnie Jones is one scurry dude.

And now, as this video from the always great crew at Funny Or Die shows us, he’s dedicated into getting you into shape. No matter the cost.

I don’t know about you, but this video certainly has me reconsidering a Monday morning donut…

Original Post: Attack Cardio with Vinnie Jones from Vinnie Jones, Seth , Jake, and FOD Team.

Those X-MEN Sure Do Get Around..


Wow, this might be one of the most OCD things I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Some brave soul(s?) decided to catalog, by way of map, the entire romantic history of the X-Men.

I do have to wonder, with all this romance going around, do you think any mutant based STDs came up?

Click the link below to view it in giant size form. It’s kind of humbling.

Original Post: X-Men Relationship Map.

What Is PAUL? They’re Starting To Let Us Know!

Finally, after months of rumors and speculation, the next Simon Pegg/Nick Frost team up, the Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland) directed Paul is in production here in the US.

The plot thus far seems to be built around 2 British Geeks (played by Frost & Pegg, of course) who travel across the US and end up befriending a Space Alien, the titular Paul.

I’ve talked about it before here, but now the official site is up, and it seems that Pegg & Frost are following the lead of their colleague Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim coverage, by launching a site full of video blogs and exclusive pictures.

I’ve embedded the introductory video above, but be sure to click through to view photos that Simon took at rehearsals; a hysterical video as Pegg, Frost and co-star Kristen Wiig attempt to learn how to drive an RV; and a word from their co-star Joe Lo Truglio (The State) as he explains how Paul is going green.

I’m sure more interesting images and video will be coming soon, so I’ll keep an eye on the site and update you if/when something really stupendous hits the web.

Original Post: What is Paul?.