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Folks, I’ve seen 7 movies this summer so far, and honestly, we’re at about a 50/50 Quality to Crap ratio.

And after a Summer like 2008, 2009 really needs to start digging deep and delivering.

Luckily for us movie nerds, District 9 looks like it’s going to DELIVER!

Political commentary, aliens, mech suits, and sweet sweet action?

That’s a combo that says to me, TICKET = SOLD.

August 9th cannot come soon enough.

Original Post: YouTube – ‘District 9’ Trailer 2 HD.

MMS DX Batman: Now, A Tiny Bale Clone

Remember that freaky realistic (and really awesome) Joker figure from Hot Toys a few months back?

Now he has a nemesis!

Behold, the ridiculously detailed and outrageously expensive MMS DX 02 Batman from Hot Toys.

With LCD light up eyeballs, detailed weaponry and THREE INTERCHANGABLE FACES, it’s so real, you can almost imagine him insulting a PA!

Click through the gallery below and imagine how many tiny fingers must work to get those paint apps correct.

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The Surreal & Mildly Disturbing First MR. FOX Image!

Imagine if you will, the next film from Wes Anderson.

A stop-motion adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Your main character, voiced by George Clooney. His buddy, Mr. Badger? Played by Bill Murray.  And Mrs. Fox? Voiced by Meryl Streep.

Have a mental image?

Yeah, no. Not how you’d expect.

Thanks to JoBlo for the exclusive first image…but seriously…what?

The fact that this is a Wes Anderson film, keeps me intrigued…but what manner of The Banana Splits is THIS?

Fantastic Mr. Fox is set to hit theaters and potentially scar children on November 13th.

Original Post: EXCL: 1st Mr. Fox pic!.


Chalk this one up as a BIG shocker.

Earlier this year, we heard it’d be Chris Pine dressing up as the Emerald colored adventurer for the June 2011 release of Green Lantern, but then this past Wednesday, word surfaced that the role was being settled between Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds.

To pretty much everyone’s surprise, the man who played Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds will now be playing Hal Jordan.

I still would prefer Chris Pine myself, but I figure with a solid hand who understands comics like Reynolds in the role, with awesome direction by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), this will be one to watch.

Filming starts in January.

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Adorable Lil’ Sackboys Bustin’ Adorable Lil’ Ghosts

Goddamn I love Little Big Planet.

Of the exclusives released thus far for the PlayStation 3, one of the titles that has secured it’s place in my entertainment unit as something more than a blu-ray player has been the Media Molecule developed customizable platformer.

And sure, the idea of licensed DLC isn’t new for Little Big Planet, I mean they’ve had Metal Gear Solid skins, Street Fighter skins, even Judge Dredd skins, but I think this is the most fun.

While Sony’s been teasing us the past few weeks with information, Sony Japan opened the floodgates today with the first images of Ghostbusters related content for the title.

Sure, it’s not officially announced for the US (yet), but I think it’s safe to say we’ll be able to dress up our Sackboys as the Busters themselves, Slimer, the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man, and even a “No Ghost” very soon.


Original Post:  LittleBigPlanet Site Ain’t Afraid Of Posting Ghostbusters DLC – littlebigplanet – Kotaku.