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Kick-Ass Character Posters Kick A Bunch Of Ass


Fresh on the heels of some very well received test screenings, the gang at Lionsgate Pictures have released some awesome new character posters for the upcoming comic adaptation Kick-Ass.

Showing the characters from behind, and, in a smart move, choosing to promote the character versus the actor (i.e. “Dave Lizewski IS  Kick-Ass), these make for a mighty poster.  One rendered even mightier, of course, when they’re all put together.

Click the image above for a super HQ version.

Kick-Ass kicks ass in theaters April 16th.

Original Post: Kick-Ass Character Posters | /Film.

How Much Do You Love Your Computer’s Calculator?


Would you say you love the Calculator you use on your computer alot?

Like…super love it?

Like, love it enough to want it in the real world?

Well man-oh-man, do I have the concept product for you!

Designed by one of the folks at Mintpass, these calculators would be real world versions of the calculators seen in Windows XP and Mac OSX.

I have to give them credit for detail, what with the dual line LCD for the Mac Calculator, and the File dialogue for the Windows, plus the Maximize buttons and such…but really, this might be the nerdiest thing ever. Ever.

Browse through the gallery below for more images of these insanely detailed calculators.

Original Post: Mintpass.

Counting Chickens Before They Hatch: Here Comes 2012 TV


Are you amongst the many people unexcited for this November’s Roland Emmerich-directed Earth-destruction fest 2012?

Awesome, me too. Ergo, you can join me in being beat red with anger as he announces they’ve already planned a sequel.

I know, I know, you’re already balking – if they destroy the entire goddamn world in the first one, how in the great blue hell can they make a sequel?!

Don’t worry folks, they’ve got it covered. You know that sure-to-be-amazing plot which will barely fill the two hour runtime? They’re gonna stretch out the sequel to…AN ENTIRE TV SERIES.

Yep, according to Cap’n Emmerich of the Starship Can’t-Stop-Blowing-Things-Up: ““The plan is that it is 2013 and it’s about what happens after the disaster. It is about the resettling of Earth. That is very, very fascinating.”

Fascinating my ass.  Considering the entire draw of 2012 is to see stuff blow up real nice, how do you intend to follow it up on a TV show budget?

Ugh. May 2013: The Series never see the light of day.

Original Post: Exclusive: TV version of Roland Emmerich’s ‘2012’ in the works |

For The 3 Of You Who Care – REO Speedwagon: THE GAME

Hot off the video game news wire….

Beloved rock act REO Speedwagon is getting a video game.

What the fuck?

No, really what the fuck?

Why on EARTH are they getting a game?  Like, unless it’s an artist specific Guitar Hero/Rock Band or a title based on say, a bands concept album, why should any band have a video game? Don’t we remember the last time a band was arbitrarily given a game?

And more importantly, why one who hasn’t had a hit album in TWENTY FIVE YEARS?!

Who is the audience for this title?

If you are the audience for this title, and are somehow on this site, I guess you want to know the details.

The game, titled Find Your Own Way Home is a point-and-click adventure title, set for the PC and MAC, and will feature 12 of the bands songs. No projected release dates, or screenshots (minus the awesomely terrible one above) were available as of yet.


Original Post:  REO Speedwagon: The Game: No This Is Not A Joke – reo speedwagon – Kotaku.

New SHERLOCK HOLMES Trailer Has Me Excited For XMas!

The newest, and most certainly, most plot-filled trailer for this Christmas’s Sherlock Holmes has hit the web, and god damn if I’m not excited.

A rip roaring fun two minutes, you not only get a glimpse of the villain, get a taste of the witty banter, but see that this might possibly be Guy Ritchie’s best film ever! And I think I’m finally developing a Rachel McAdams crush.

More than that, however, in mixing a past era tale with modern filmmaking styles, this trailer demonstrates that it might just be the film that Prince of Persia wants to be.

Either way, I am completely sold.  Think with this coming out on Christmas Day, I can make a midnight show on Christmas Eve? Or is that blasphemous?