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In An Alternate Reality, Conan’s On FX.

With Monday’s announcement that Conan O’Brien is starting his post-NBC career at TBS instead of FOX, it’s easy to start wondering what might’ve been.

And the apparent details of what exactly would’ve been have started to leak.

First and foremost, it was starting to look unlikely that Conan would’ve been able to host a show on FOX proper, as many FOX affiliates were unwilling to let go of their financially solvent 11pm syndicated programming hour.

But, a secondary offer came from FOX, which included the following:

  • A Nightly Talk Show on FOX’s cable network FX
  • Prime-time Broadcast Specials on FOX.
  • The hosting rights to the Emmys whenever it would air on FOX.

All and all, not a bad deal, but far from the full-network support which Conan was looking for, and evidently will achieve with TBS.

Conan O’Brien’s new show is scheduled to premiere on TBS in November.

Source: What Would’ve Been: Emmy Hosting, Super Bowl Show for O’Brien as Part of an FX Deal –

Yes, There WILL Be An IRON MAN 2 Easter Egg

For many fans, including myself, one of the best moments in the first Iron Man film was the post credit scene wherein Nick Fury made a surprise appearance, the first hint towards The Avengers and an overarching Marvel Universe.

This trend was continued with a surprise appearance by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk.

With 3 more major Marvel films still to come, it stands to reason that Iron Man 2 will continue the trend, yes?

Apparently, according to Italian film website, the trend continues.

SPOILERS FOLLOW FROM HERE (vague ones, but still, don’t read if you don’t want to know)

It’s The 2000’s Again! Or: The New Get Up Kids Rules!

One of my favorite bands in my formative years had to be, hands down, The Get Up Kids.

Based out of Kansas, from Something to Write Home About forward, their sound defined my personal tastes.  Whether it was their side projects in The New Amsterdams and Reggie and the Full Effect; their fellow Kansas bands in The Anniversary,  The Appleseed Cast or Ultimate Fakebook (amongst others); or even through their various reinventions in sound, they’ve always been a pleasure.

And then when they decided to part ways back in 2005, I saw them on 3 separate occasions on their farewell tour – including their farewell show in Kansas City.  It was a shame to see a band I enjoyed close a chapter of their lives, and I suppose it closed one of mine as well.

However, this past year, the band decided to get back together, and now have started to record new material.

Their first new release, part one of a series of 3 EPs, entitled Secret Science came out today, and let me tell you – it’s pretty damn great.

While only 4 songs in length, the EP picks up where they left off on Guilt Show, mixing electronic melancholy with solid rock guitar licks, and it doesn’t sound like the band missed a day together in the studio.

Sure, they’re now a bit older, a bit fatter and a bit balder – but the “Kids” sure have a lot more gas in the tank.

Check it out, it’s even available on iTunes right now for less than $4. It’s completely worth it.

Long Lost Kirby Ideas To See The Light Of Day!

Ask anyone on the street who Jack Kirby is, and unfortunately, they probably can’t tell you who he is.

Show someone a piece of Jack Kirby art, however, and they’ll immediately recognize it as a crucial part of 60’s and 70’s comic history.  In his lifetime, Kirby drew literally hundreds of comics for both DC and Marvel and single handedly defined the style for comics like Fantastic Four and the New Gods, two name just two of DOZENS of comics he had a hand in.

Unfortunately, like most artists of the day, he never really had ownership of his timeless characters or designed.  This lead to him doing work well into old age, including design work for entire series of cartoons which never saw the light of day, until today.

Back in the 1980s, Kirby designed a number of animated series for Ruby-Spears Productions, who were behind pretty much any notable licensed cartoon back in the day.  However, when Ruby-Spears Productions were purchased and became part of Hanna Barbera, none of the Kirby designed series ever hit production.

This art was recently discovered, and now Joe Ruby and Ken Spears are working along side kids TV pioneers Sid and Marty Krofft to make these long lost series a reality.

The New York Times has a closer look at the design for these series, but each feels like a time capsule to an alternate reality where these cartoons were childhood favorites alongside He-Man, Transformers and GI Joe.  Click through below to read the full article, and check out some of the eyeball popping designs, they’re totally rad.

Maybe future generations will now get to appreciate Jack Kirby as mine did.

Source: Jack Kirby of Marvel Comics Left Some Ideas Behind –

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE – Under Joss Whedon?

I briefly touched on this when I posted about the Runaways film, but it seems Marvel Studios has just about locked in nerd favorite Joss Whedon to direct the film adaptation of The Avengers in May 2012.

The long-planned and anticipated release of The Avengers combines Marvel film heroes Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) as a squad of superheroes under the supervision of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). The culmination of literally 5 summers of anticipation, there is a lot riding on the film being successful.

And honestly, I’m not too sure that Whedon is “the guy”. Sure, as much as we can talk his geek credentials with Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible alongside his comic credentials with Astonishing X-Men and Runaways, there’s nothing about Whedon that screams “director to entrust huge project to”, aside from making fans happy.

Sure, I love his work, but when his biggest attempt at directing so far (Serenity) made only $38 mil, and in some ways was just a TV episode gone big, I’m left to worry. But then again, maybe the appeal of the heroes combined in one film means that even a monkey could direct it to a few hundred mil.

I can’t say I’m as enthused as others about this choice for direction (I’d prefer Jon Favreau), but I’d love to be proven wrong. We’ll see how this goes.

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