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A Video Game NPC Goes Rogue in Ryan Reynolds’ FALL GUY

The trailer for the movie is fun, and makes me wonder if (like with Deadpool) Reynolds has a direct line to Disney/Fox marketing, but really, the concept feels like it’d be a short at best.

Also, does enough of the general public understand non playable characters and similar concepts for this to resonate? I know the nerds won and all, but this feels a smidge presumptuous.

Either way: happy to see Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) get a prominent role in a blockbuster.

Trailer #1 for Marvel’s BLACK WIDOW

Doesn’t look bad by any means – if anything, it feels a bit by the numbers. If you had a mind’s eye version of what Black Widow would be as a movie, chances are, it was this.

In turn, I’m hoping the stellar supporting cast (David Harbour, Florence Pugh, RACHEL WEISZ!~) and the dope choice of villain (Taskmaster!) makes this worth the time at the cinema.

…but let’s be honest, I’ll be seeing it anyway.

It’s Daniel Craig’s Last Time As Bond…But There’s NO TIME TO DIE

Despite the appearances of both Ana de Armas and Daniel Craig, it pains me to say that this is not the next phase of the Benoit Blanc Cinematic Universe.

I have a hunch that Rami Malek will knock the villain role out of the park, and even if the cameo of Christoph Waltz as Blofeld really just reminded me how not-good Spectre was, this trailer promises that the visuals will stun and the stunts will be ridiculous…so, it’s kind of all you want from a modern day Bond, you know?