Across The Sea

It was only a matter of time.

While it was mildly discussed at SDCC and other conventions this fall, it wasn’t until this past weekend’s New York Comic Con we got our first look at the collaborations between Marvel Comics and Del Ray Manga.

Due to hit shelves in Spring 2009, Marvel aims to grab the manga market with two titles.  The shonen styled Wolverine, and the shojo themed X-Men.

Here’s a look at Wolverine from his self titled manga, plus the adorable Kitty Pride and (omg!) Beast from X-Men.




Blog@Newsarama has more details on these books, including looks at Sabertooth and Nightcrawler, from Wolverine and X-Men respectively.

You know they’re going to merch the hell out of this Totoro-styled Beast.

Build Me Up, Let Me Down

As has been oft referenced by me on this site and others, I’ve been a bit of a Weezer fan in my life.

With the release of their first single of their next album (Weezer, aka The Red Album), I kinda got excited.

Then they put out the official press release for the album, announcing 2 versions of the album (standard with 10 tracks, and deluxe with 14 tracks)…and this possibly damming line…

Great albums are culminations of the past with an eye to the future, and the Red Album has parts “Blue Album,” “Pinkerton,” and forges new territory with all four members taking turns singing lead. The “Red Album” is the rarest of modern music combinations: being both immediate and having the quality of growing better upon each subsequent listen.

…they’ve invoked the HOLY TWO!!  EXCITEMENT AT AN ALL TIME HIGH!!

And then, there’s the album art.


….excitement dropped.

What are you, dense? I’m The Goddamned Spirit!

NYCC has been grabbing all the headlines this weekend, so expect to see a shit ton of media coming out of the convention.

The first such is our look at the teaser poster and teaser trailer for the Spirit.


To appease the internet, here’s your basic vitriolic rant about Frank Miller.

Blah blah All Star Batman sucks blah blah whores blah blah Sin City blah blah 300 blah blah one style blah blah lost his touch.

I’m still pretty interested in this flick, but it should face steady competition from a fellow January 2009 release, the highly anticipated Watchmen.


Well This Sure Looks Epic…

You may remember last month, I was writing about how superstar movie poster artist Drew Struzan was going to be doing a new poster for Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

In an effort to make me to continue to regret the fact I’m not attending New York Comic Con this weekend (which will bring MUCH news to this site, I’m sure), this poster is a New York Comic Con Exclusive!

Uber movie site CHUD has premiered the poster online, and…good lord.  If this is any indication of where the movie is heading, I think it may go towards a religious experience for my good friend Ghostfreehood.


I suppose it’s time to start trolling eBay for the poster…