Would It Kill Them For An Action Shot?

This is getting ri-goddamn-diculous.

We’re now on the 3rd official promo shot for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (thanks to Cinematical by way of IGN for it, btw)


And we have NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL. Would it kill them to announce some semblance of a plot for this flick? Sure, we know there’s a smattering of mutants appearing, ranging from obscure characters like Beak, to well knowns like Gambit and Deadpool…but WHAT IS THE STORY, FOX?

Although, at least we can add ‘smug’ to Hugh Jackman’s range of emotions in this movie. Look, I saw The Prestige. We know you can do better than this, Hugh.

Maybe I’m just asking too much for a flick that’s still a year away from release.

His Chest Thingy Is Shiny

Not too surprisingly, the net’s all a flutter about the new Iron Man trailer which premiered tonight during Lost.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s freaking AWESOME.

But why overlook another great comic trailer? Sorry Shellhead, I think I’m looking forward to this movie (trailer embedded below) more.

Seriously, How Adorable Can One Robot Be?

It’s bad enough they’ve been teasing this movie for almost a year, but now the official poster for Wall-E has been released.

Clicky-Clicky for Big McLargeHuge.

I really hope they release the flick digitally.  I ended up seeing Ratatouille twice in theatres, once projected traditionally, the second time projected digitally, and the difference was mindblowing.  Sure, there’s a slight premium, but anyone who has seen a digitally projected movie knows…the additional level of clarity is completely worth it.

Hey, Hollywood.

I think I speak for nerds everywhere when I respond to the fantastic Superhero Movie poster, seen below….



It’s bad enough you’re doing another movie in this same vein, which basically amounts to “Hey, it’s [pop culture reference] but with [gay inference/poop joke/boob joke]”…it’s bad enough that you’re using the SAME fucking poster design you’ve used for FOUR goddamned movies…but you’re dragging Leslie Nielsen into this mess?

May the Hollywood execs who greenlight and fund this shit get hit by cars, and whichever of you assholes not only plan on seeing this, but also were responsible for these other movies being successes (most recently, Meet The Spartans, which hit #1 in January), may we NEVER cross paths, because I will stab you all in the face.