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Monthly Music Mix: February 2008

One of my favorite things every year is sharing my favorite songs with my friends via an end of year mix. Collecting the best songs from absolute favorite albums, I get to share a part of myself with them. (Or, it’s silly e-wang waving, depending on how you look at it.)

In any case, I really enjoy the conversations that develop, getting people into new musicians they’ve never heard before, and in sharing back, learning about new music myself.

So…I thought to myself…why don’t I do this monthly?

I know, you’re wondering…do I really listen to that much music a month? While the 8000+ MP3s I have may say one way, I know better. But how do I fill out a monthly mix with just a few new albums being consumed by me a month?

Someone who was very close to me used to make mix CD’s once a semester, collecting their favorite songs from the period…a musical document of that time of their life. I always really thought that concept was cool…and I’ll now be applying that on a monthly basis.

Each month here on Blast-O-Rama, I’ll be compiling tracks that were somewhat meaningful to me the month prior. Maybe it’s just a song I loved, maybe it’s a new album that leaked that month, maybe it just struck me at the right time. Never the less, it’s straight from my ears to yours.


Click The Graphic Above For This Month’s Mix, Or Read On For A Tracklisting


Aloha, and welcome to Blast-O-Rama.

After almost 7 years of chronicling my life, opinions and rants on LiveJournal, I’ve decided to make the jump to proper blogging.

Now, unlike LJ, this won’t be full of a play-by-play of my personal life.  I’ve grown disinterested with sharing my life with the rest of the world, but never the less, want to have my voice heard via the intertubes.

That’s where Blast-O-Rama comes in.

Anyone who’s known me for more than say…10 minutes, knows that I’m kind of ridiculously passionate about the various minutia of pop-culture that permeate our day-to-day lives.

In turn, consider this site your source for various bits of breaking news from all across the nerd world, peppered with what I consider my trademark snark and humor.  Maybe it’ll work out, maybe it won’t, but I’ll try my best to make sure it’s entertaining.

So tell your friends, and strap in. is launched, and the internet…well, it’ll be pretty much the same.