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It’s All Just Grease & Cheese To Me


As I get older, I find that I’m becoming more and more of a “foodie”…that is, someone who is really into bizarre variations of food, and finding really off-the-beaten-path locations to eat.

Strangely enough, one of the few foods I consider myself a mild expert on is the authentic Philadelphia Cheesesteak. During my many annual trips to Philadelphia (which I’ll be posting about at some point), I’ve eaten at probably 8 of the top 10 best locations to have a cheesesteak, and could talk for hours about the differences between a ‘real’ philly steak and those presented elsewhere, and even the differences between the steak places throughout the City of Brotherly Love.

Apparently the differences can get even more bizarre, as presented in this article from the Philadelphia City Paper about Cheesesteak variants AROUND THE WORLD. It’s a fun read, good way to kill a few minutes. The most bizarre variant? The Vietnamese cheesesteak, which come on a rice flour baguette and are topped with ketchup, chili sauce and mustard….delicious?

So Maybe I’m A Bit Gay For Daniel Craig

Let’s lay it out there…I never really ‘got’ James Bond. I’ve seen most of the movies over the years, even dug a few (Goldeneye was pretty rad)…but despite that, I never found myself a James Bond ‘fan’ persay.

That totally changed with Casino Royale. Taking Bond back to the novella roots, played masterfully by Daniel Craig, who came off with that perfect combination of badass and suave, plus some incredible parkour-styled action (and the tasty Eva Green), it all made for one hell of an enjoyable flick, one that I revisit often on DVD.

So now that Quantum of Solace is set for November of this year, the hype train has started with this brand-spankin’ new teaser poster, courtesy of Moviefone/Ain’t It Cool News.


Word is that Solace picks up 20 minutes after the end of Royale, so the pose is appropriate, as it’s the last image we saw of Bond. If you click the link to the article above, there’s also an embedded video with some of the first footage from filming. Looking good! While we’re just getting started on the summer hype season, it’s good to know that the end of the year will have some movies worth checking out as well.

I Don’t Understand FedEx.


Ah, FedEx…you’ve brought me so much delight over the years.  You delivered me my iPod, you delivered me my DVD player…but sometimes, you don’t make any damn sense…

And I’m not just talking about the infamous FedEx Arrow…


Having a package shipped to me…due here on the 11th.  Here’s the tracking information so far…

Feb 05, 2008 09:37:00 PM MEMPHIS TN US ARRIVAL SCAN
Feb 04, 2008 09:44:00 AM YORK PA US DEPARTURE SCAN

I live in Baltimore, Maryland.  York, PA is roughly an hour north of here.  Why exactly did they take it PAST Maryland, to MEMPHIS FUCKING TENNESSEE to deliver it to me?  FedEx baby, you just don’t make no sense.   Al Gore would scissor kick you for this.



I’m not sure if it’s just some misplaced nostalgia, or my current reinterest in gaming (between the online components of the 360 and PS3, plus their amazing HD graphics, and the interesting control schemes of the Wii, I’ve been playing a lot more than usual), but I’m finding myself quite excited for Street Fighter IV.

Now, I know some people that were HUGE fans of SF3, but I really haven’t been into the Capcom fighters since the Alpha/Versus Marvel era.

But SF4? I’m totally there, especially with the reveal of new characters in the game in this weeks Famitsu magazine.  In addition to the obvious Ken and Ryu, plus the SNK-looking/GI Joe-name-having new character “Crimson Viper”, they just announced a whole slue of new characters, plus unleashed a bunch of screen shots.

Who are the new characters?  How’s about..oh…Chun Li, Dhalsim, Blanka, Guile, E. Honda and Zangief? Yeah, that’s right, the original SF2 Eight are in the game! Now, all we need is some Vega action, and I’m totally pumped.

Wanna check it out? The scans are below.


Just An Observation…

Is it just me, or does McCain have tiny lil’ T-Rex arms?


And while I have zero intentions of making this blog political (although I may rant and rave about certain bits on here), I thought I’d stake my claim…

As a registered independent, I cannot vote in the Primary Election.  That being said, my pick? Obama.