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Last On The List


Incase it hasn’t become far too apparent, I am quite obsessed with music…

Combine that with my sorta OCD, and I had a list of bands that I needed to see live…

Over the years, I’ve seen every single band, minus the defunct ones (looking at you At the Drive In and Ben Folds Five) ….except for Radiohead.

Thankfully, that looks like it’s going to change. Tomorrow morning, tickets go on sale for their DC date at Nissan Pavillion on May 11th. To say I will be refreshing WASTE.UK a lot is an understatement. And should I fail? Well, tickets go on general sale at Ticketmaster on Saturday morning. I apologize to my fellow webcomics panelists (more on that later) if I’m more distracted by hitting refresh on my MacBook than on the panel at hand…
EDIT: 2/14/08 9:28AM…The tickets sold out VERY fast on WASTE.UK.COM, so I guess I have to try Ticketmaster on Saturday…wish me luck, internet.

A Subtle Reminder


Hey kids in DC/MD/VA/etc….

Get out there and vote today.  As a registered independent, I cannot, and with an extremely close primary, I’ve never been more aggravated about being able to speak my voice.

If you have the option, make it heard.

Just A Bit Of Perspective…

As we reach the end (finally!) of the WGA Strike, the actual effect on Hollywood is being revealed…

According to this article from the Hollywood Reporter, the cost of the strike on the Los Angeles economy is…$2 Billion.

How much is that? Just a bit of breakdown…

With that money you could…


– Make indie darling/Oscar nominated flick Juno 307 times.


– Purchase 190,657,769 copies of the best movie of all time.


– Hire me for 66,666 Years

Just some perspective, that’s all.

Just When You Thought You Were Safe From The Cuteness

After a weekend full of computer based drama (short story long, I got some nasty adware on my WinXP box, and it took no less than 5 Spyware/Antivirus programs to clean it up), I certainly needed a smile…

Thanks dear interweb, for droppin’ the new international Wall-E trailer in my lap.

This one features more of the plot, and honestly, if it doesn’t make you smile, I do believe you have no soul.

Hopefully this stays up, as Pixar has been killing a lot of the mirrors…not entirely sure why, as I’d want this trailer to be seen by every man, woman and child that could see it…

Summer 2008: Best Movie Summer Ever?

A Good Sign? Or A Jackass Mumbling At The Mouth?


As a aspiring writer of my own right (hey, I’m published, I can call myself an actual writer now), I’ve been watching very closely to the Writer’s Strike.

I agree 100% with all of the demands the writers are asking, especially with the growth of internet-based television revenue. And despite how some of the ratings have been shifting, I think the overwhelming amount of piss-poor reality programing over the airwaves has proven how crucial written programing is to modern broadcast TV…(although I’d say that Conan O’Brien has been more entertaining improving his show, but I digress).

Today though, positive word comes about the writers strike FINALLY ENDING, thanks to CNBC. However, it’s source isn’t really the best. Who are they quoting? Michael Eisner. For those unaware, Eisner is the former blowhard Disney head, who followed up a career of running the Mouse House into the ground (and damn near ruining their working relationship with Pixar), with a self-indulgent talk show on CNBC which featured him talking more about himself to his guests than talking with his guests. To put it lightly, I wouldn’t trust a single word out of his demon hole.

So I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if this strike has ended…call me selfish, but between Guillermo Del Toro’s The Hobbit, Volume 3 of Heroes, the remainder of Chuck Season 1, and new episodes of The Office, I want my entertainment back.