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April Fools Across The Web!

Ah, April 1st, easily one of the most fun days online, as literally hundreds of websites post gags-a-plenty. Here’s a quick listing of what I’ve liked so far…

  • Google Australia announces g’Day with MATE, which allows you to Google ahead one day in the future.
  • Google USA announces Custom Time, which allows you to set the time an e-mail was sent, so your e-mails never appear late again.
  • ThinkGeek offers a handful of fake products, including a caffeinated cereal, WiiSports for the iPhone, and a BetaMax-to-HD-DVD converter.
  • YouTube’s front page has every single featured video going straight to RickRolls.
  • Popular Webcomics XKCD, Questionable Content, and Dinosaur Comics have swapped URLs for the day.
  • YTMND has announced they’re shutting down, but oddly enough, the HTML has a hidden message saying this is not an April Fool’s gag. We’ll see, I suppose.
  • [adult swim] got into the act by broadcasting what is apparently a rough cut of the first episode of The Venture Brothers Season 3. They typically do a more over the top gag on April 1st proper, so we’ll see what airs tonight.
  • Google gets us again with Virgle, an attempt to populate the moon.
  • The long-winded ARG for The Dark Knight continues today with Clown Travel Agency. Could this lead to a new trailer?
  • Blizzard Entertainment perhaps wins the award for the most ambitious series of April Fool’s Gags, as they announce the long awaited console port of World of Warcraft, The Molten Core; a new class in StarCraft II; the official Diablo Loot Pinata; and a rather rockin’ new class for WoW.
  • Docs.Google.Com allows you to create paper airplanes!
  • Microsoft has a slue of great new XBox products available.
  • City of Heroes announces VISUAL SOUND!
  • IGN whoops EVERYONE’s ass with this unusally well done Legend of Zelda movie trailer.

There’s a far more in depth listing of sites here, but I’ll keep updating with my favs as the day goes on.

Et Tu, Threadless?


As anyone who’s met me in person can attest, I’m kind of a t-shirt junkie.

What can I say, I like carrying portable art.

Anyway, the site that got me started on this trend, and one that’s been a favorite of mine for ages, is Threadless.

Every Monday or so, myself and Ross tend to talk up the new designs, and for the most part lately, I’ve been very disappointed.   Hell, I hadn’t even been interested in a shirt for months.

This week though, I’ve found not one, but three separate designs that I really like.

So I click the links to check them out….and their prices have jumped up from $15 for everything to $17+. What the hell, guys, what happened?  Isn’t an increase in sales/exposure supposed to trickle down to lower prices for the consumer?

Color me miffed.

I Heart Paul Robertson

About a year ago, I saw Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006. A 12 minute homage to the 2d side scrollers we played as kids, the animation was the work of a lone man in Australia, Paul Robertson.

Just a few days ago, he returned with his follow up…

To end your weekend (or start your week) on the right foot…

Here is Kings Of Power 4 Billion %!!!

For a higher quality download, check out Paul’s LJ here, or wait, as he’s working on a DVD of all of his work.

I Sit Corrected.


Damn Target, why you gotta make me angry.

Seems just 24 hours ago, I was telling all the boys how I loved you, how you brightened my day with your sweet t-shirts and free video games.

Then I hear from my boy that you’ve been lyin’.  You’ve been runnin’ tricks on me.

You get me all hot ‘n bothered with promises of sweet garments and free gaming, then you pull the rug out on me?

What’s the deal, baby girl? What did I ever do to you?

Guess I’ll have to see what that Hot Topic chick or that girl Urban Outfitters is up to.



Short story long, those sweet EGPApparel game/shirt combos? ALREADY BEING PULLED OFF THE MARKET!  Et tu, Tar-jay. Et tu.  Guess we’ll see if another retailer picks this program up, it really is a great idea. Shame.