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His Chest Thingy Is Shiny

Not too surprisingly, the net’s all a flutter about the new Iron Man trailer which premiered tonight during Lost.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s freaking AWESOME.

But why overlook another great comic trailer? Sorry Shellhead, I think I’m looking forward to this movie (trailer embedded below) more.

Seriously, How Adorable Can One Robot Be?

It’s bad enough they’ve been teasing this movie for almost a year, but now the official poster for Wall-E has been released.

Clicky-Clicky for Big McLargeHuge.

I really hope they release the flick digitally.  I ended up seeing Ratatouille twice in theatres, once projected traditionally, the second time projected digitally, and the difference was mindblowing.  Sure, there’s a slight premium, but anyone who has seen a digitally projected movie knows…the additional level of clarity is completely worth it.

New X-Men Origins:Wolverine Pic!

After all the fun announcements last week of new cast members, we now have a new image from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Thanks to Empire Magazine (by way of Cinematical) for the pic…


Between this, and the prior image, here’s what I’ve gathered of the plot arc…

  • Still angry.
  • Still sharp.
  • Still in a dark room.

This movie just gets MORE AND MORE INTERESTING!

Hey, Hollywood.

I think I speak for nerds everywhere when I respond to the fantastic Superhero Movie poster, seen below….



It’s bad enough you’re doing another movie in this same vein, which basically amounts to “Hey, it’s [pop culture reference] but with [gay inference/poop joke/boob joke]”…it’s bad enough that you’re using the SAME fucking poster design you’ve used for FOUR goddamned movies…but you’re dragging Leslie Nielsen into this mess?

May the Hollywood execs who greenlight and fund this shit get hit by cars, and whichever of you assholes not only plan on seeing this, but also were responsible for these other movies being successes (most recently, Meet The Spartans, which hit #1 in January), may we NEVER cross paths, because I will stab you all in the face.

But Can We Fit Another Pizza In There?

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed the bizarre trend these days with all of the major pizza chains going towards custom crusts.

Surprise, surprise…the Asians have beaten us to the punch, and apparently have been for years, if this post from Slice is any indication, listing the top 10 crazy pizza crusts from the far east continent.

My favorite? Bring on the GERMAN KING!  Featuring a bacon, sausage and cheese crust, it’ll insure I’m in the grave by 30.