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Who DOESN’T Believe In Harvey Dent?


As The Dark Knight approaches, we’ve seen more and more innovation in it’s fantastically unique marketing plan.

The latest incarnation involves the fictional campaign of Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face) for Gotham City district attorney. To take it to the people, they’re actually having a Dentmobile go around the country to “drum up support”.

A full list of locations being visited is available here, but here’s the important one for me…

Baltimore, MD
March 15th:
Harbor Place – Camden Yards Area Entertainment Center
Fort McHenry National Park/Monument

I think I might just check that out this weekend…

You Know Why We Get Superman? We’re From The Streets.

So wayyy back in 2006, Brian Singer and crew released Superman Returns, a bizarre, vaguely homoerotic love letter to the Man of Steel.  With 2 years of Supes bashing later, we probably forgot the bizarre road the film took to the screen.

It seems only yesterday that Superman Lives was given the greenlight for a late ’90’s release, featuring Nicholas Cage as Superman with direction by Tim Burton and script by Kevin Smith.  The longwinded tale has been spoken of many times, whether in a lengthy Wikipedia article, or Kevin Smith’s eye-opening rant from An Evening With Kevin Smith.

But for the first time ever, thanks to the website pushing kids at Digg, a glimpse of what could have been, with this gallery of concept art for the Burton helmed flick.


Could you imagine Nic Cage as this Superman?

Quick Fire Album Reviews

I think this’ll be a regular thing here at Blast-O-Rama, just a quick handful of thoughts about whatever albums I’ve been listening to lately.  Enjoy.

Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell (2008)
Tokyo Police Club first bounced on the scene with their 2006 ep A Lesson In Crime.  They grabbed me immediately with their combination of disaffected vocals, handclaps, group yelling and catchy keyboard riffs.  Two years later, they’ve signed to Saddle Creek, and finally dropped a full length LP.  While it’s a painfully-short 32 minutes long, the album takes everything I loved about their ep, and kicks it up to 11.  The first single off the record, “In A Cave”, might just be the catchiest song of 2008.  Highly Recommended.

Nine Inch Nails – Ghosts I-IV (2008)
I’m what you’d call an anomaly in the world of Nine Inch Nails fandom.  While I certainly respect what Reznor did to define the 90’s world of Alternative Rock, I can’t say I really got into him until the release of 1999’s The Fragile.  An amazing piece of work, that softer double album is considered by many of his fans as either his greatest masterpiece, or his worst misstep.  I fall in the former group, so suffice to say, I’ve been left cold by With Teeth and Year Zero, which emulate the thrash rock that gave him his fame, versus the intricate beauty seen in The Fragile.  With Ghosts, however, a 36-track all-instrumental album, Reznor returns to the sound which blew me away all those nine years ago.  Sure, the internet is all a flutter over the straight-to-digital release of the album, but it’s good to know that’s truly worth the hype. Recommended.

She & Him – Volume One (2008)
I’m not going to lie.  I have a full blown celebrity crush on Zooey Deschannel.  It certainly wasn’t helped when I discovered (like most people) she had a beautiful singing voice in the Will Farrell Christmas vehicle Elf.  So when I heard she was cutting an album with indie-rocker M. Ward, my interest piqued.  Is it a worthy listen?  Sort of.  Deschannel goes to her strengths, doing songs of a more classic rock sound.  Hell, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say this was a lo-fi rock album from the 60’s.  As it stands, however, the sound is a bit too much on the ‘cute’ side of things to really get into.  If I give the album a few more spins, I may warm up to it, but until then, I can only say….Download it.

Mario Makes Me Go Vroom-Vroom!

In what is some rather convenient timing, given that I’ve been glued to my Wii the past few days thanks to Smash Bros, and considering we were all pulled to the Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 machine at Dave & Busters this weekend, Nintendo insures their financial future with the announcement of the release date of Mario Kart Wii.


Featuring the useless plastic cartridgeWii Wheel in box, 32 tracks, 12-player online play and the use of both karts AND motorcycles, Mario Kart Wii hits the US on April 27th, 2008.

Street Fighter 4 Gets Luchafied!

As the anticipation builds for Street Fighter 4, fans every where are foaming at the mouth with the reveal of every new character.

If the SF2-Gameplay-Meets-3D-High-Def-Graphics idea behind the game wasn’t enough to sell me, this latest character certainly has.


As revealed over at…I give you EL FUERTE!~

The future is lucha, and the future looks good.

EDIT: (3/13/08) Capcom has released a higher rez image of El Fuerte on their blog. Now that’s classy. Get on it, cosplayers!