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Swinging It’s Way Into 2011…

…it’s Spider-Man 4?!


This is apparently true according to Spidey producer Laura Ziskin who reportedly told theatre owners this past week that the film is scheduled to hit theaters in May 2011.

This is despite having no script. And no lead actor. Nor director.

While I spoke earlier here about excitement behind a new Spidey flick, provided some fresh blood gets involved, I again stress to the team at Sony…the world loves Spider-Man. The $2.5 Billion in box office receipts alone is proof of that.  Please don’t proceed with a flick that makes us regret that.

Should the flick hit theaters in 2011, it will be battling that summer against Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and Captain America.

Mike Myers: Crazy or Genius?

If I had to arrange a list of favorite films of all time, 1992’s Wayne’s World would have to reign near the top.  Smartly written, quotable, and just a fun watch, it’s just a great movie to get wrapped up in.

Unfortunately, it’s this film that may have created a monster, depending on who you ask.

I’ve long heard rumors over the years that Mike Myers is one of the most difficult people to work for in Hollywood, and this profile piece at really doesn’t do him any favors.  However, as a biography nerd, it’s a very interesting read.

The piece does pose the question…are the eccentricities and difficulties of most highly-developed people worth the final product?  Keep this in mind while reading the article: The Love Guru, hyped as Myers big return to film, premiered in 4th place to a disappointing $14 Million.

What Does This Painting Hold For HEROES?

With 2 seasons behind (1 good, 1 not so good), Heroes fans are getting all sorts of excited for the 3rd season premiere coming up on September 18th.

While we have zero idea of the context, has a shot of a mural painted for filming, and it’s a doozy…

Leaves one to ask a few questions…

  • Is there a new painter? Or have Peter or Sylar retained the painting powers?
  • Is the explosion of the planet the new plot?
  • Does that explosion look like the infamous “Half-Helix” logo on purpose?

Get your theories ready, as Heroes is due to hit airwaves again in just 3 short months. Let’s hope that they knock this one out of the park.


So maybe you’re a fan of Outback Steakhouse, the not-at-all-Australian Australian eatery full of steaks and oniony goodness.

And maybe you’re a fan of their oh so deadly Bloomin’ Onion, which with it’s 2310 calories and 134g of Fat is enough to cover your entire food intake for two days.

Maybe you said to yourself, “You know what that needs? MEAT.”

Don’t worry, slovenly members of society, Outback has come to your rescue with…THE BLOOMIN’ BURGER!

With this impressive meat-stack disguised as a hamburger, you don’t just get a juicy burger, you also get it covered with fresh american cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bloomin’ onion peels.

And if that wasn’t enough, you also get a side of what appears to be a snak-pak sized portion of bloomin’ onion sauce.  Because when you want to take yourself out with a sandwich, you might as well go out on top.

Be sure to act fast, as this burger’s only available through September.  That, and it’ll probably do you good to do some running beforehand.

….the sad part? I still really want to try one. 🙁