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Inspiring Words To Live By? Or Just More Comedy?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times…

Patton Oswalt is my hero.

Comedian, writer, nerd, genius…they’re all words I’d use to describe him. Inspirational? Not until now.

See, Mr. Oswalt was chosen to give the commencement speech at his former highschool for the graduating class of ’08 (man, I feel old), and while it’s intended audience is teenagers on their way to adulthood, I think we all can grab something from it.  So while it’s currently available on his website, I’d like to present it in full following the cut below.

Read and learn, kids.

Because Tokyopop Can’t Say No…

No, this isn’t an imaginary universe, nor is that a bad photoshop.

Tokyopop, purveyors of fantastic contracts, are actually making a Ghostbusters Manga.

Granted, Manga is a japanese comic…and not a single thing related to this one-shot is japanese, and sure, this entire thing reeks of some marketing firms babbling about what ideas are hot with the kids these days (“HEY, KIDS LOVE THE 80’s!” “THEY ALSO LIKE DEM BIG EYED CARTOONS!”)…but really, is there a market that is foaming at the mouth for this?

Find out more about this possible soulless husk of a comic over at

Get Mad This Weekend!

After literally months of recommendations, I broke down and purchased the first season of Mad Men over the weekend.

While I’m only 3 episodes into the season, I can say the series has sunk it’s hooks into me, with it’s stylish 60’s look, powerful cinematography, and hypnotic writing.  Apparently AMC thinks it’ll only take one episode to get you hooked, and honestly, I’d agree.

So, thanks to those fine folks over at American Movie Classics, for totally free, here is the pilot episode of Mad Men.

If you dig it, the First Season is on store shelves now in DVD and Blu Ray formats, and Season 2 hits the airwaves on July 27th.

Fincher+Powell=CG Goon Movie!

I know a certain someone who’s head is about to explode…

In one of the more surprising comic book movie announcements, the Dark Horse title The Goon, written/drawn/created by the wildly talented Eric Powell, will be hitting the screen in a CG animated film to be helmed by Fight Club’s David Fincher.

You read that right. The man who brought wild tales involving such characters as zombie priests, canniabal hobos, and pie loving skunk apes, will be teaming up with the man behind Panic Room and the adventures of Tyler Durden.  This was announced last night on Powell’s official website, with word following from the Hollywood Reporter, pretty much assuring it’s good to go.

Film goers, get ready for the wacky.