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Well, Now I CAN’T Forget About Sarah Marshall


Ever since the premiere of Freaks & Geeks, I’ve been sipping the Judd Apatow Kool Aid.

And this past summer, with the back to back comedy hits of Knocked Up and Superbad, I was in comedy nerd heaven.

The Apatow crew doesn’t appear to be letting up however, as this April brings Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall stars Jason Siegel in the main role (who you may remember as one of the stoner kids from Freaks & Geeks, the obsessive ex from Undeclared, and one of Seth Rogen’s buddies in Knocked Up) as a man who gets dumped by his popular actress girlfriend (the yummy Kristen Bell), who decides to get away and heal by taking an impulsive trip to Hawaii.

Hilarity ensues, of course, as who should be staying at the resort? His ex, along with her new british rocker boyfriend.

A trailer for this hit last fall, and while it looked interesting, it really didn’t seem to be running on the same level of the prior Apatow flicks…However, today, the red-band trailer (read:naughty) hit, and suffice to say, I’m psyched.

Check it out right here. Forgetting Sarah Marshall hits April 18th. Color me there.


Could it be…MORE Legos?

I know, I know, I don’t intend for this to be an all Lego all the time blog, it’s just been an unusually good time for our favorite plastic building block…It turned 50 last week, and now…it’s being used to create Futurama characters!


For the full gallery of these amazing creations, click here.

More Super Bowl Fallout…SWEET MOVIE TRAILERS!

It’s a quiet Monday across the web…

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because most of the world is recovering from last night’s Super Bowl Parties (which, by the by, became the 2nd most watched TV program of all time…I’d guess that’s due to a lack of options, thanks to Mr. Writer’s Strike).

So, in the interest of content, here’s YouTube versions of the two BEST movie previews last night….

IRON MAN (Gotta love the confidence Downey has as Stark)


Wall-E (So…So…Adorable….)


Commercial Bowl Recap

Firstly, color me shocked that the Giants won. I’m a fair-weather football fan at best, and the game ended up being quite the nail biter.

But more importantly, the reason why I watched? The ads.

Here are my 5 favs from the night, in no particular order.

1. Bud Light – “Breathe Fire”
Bud Light

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2. Bridgestone Tire – “Squirrel vs. Car”
Bridgestone Tire Super Bowl Commercial: Squirrel vs Car

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3. – “Circle Fire Pit of Death” Super Bowl Ad: Stone Circle Fight to Death as Plan B

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4. Tide-to-Go – “My Talking Stain”
Tide-to-Go Superbowl Commercial, My Talking Stain Ad

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5. FedEx – “Carrier Pigeon”
Fedex Super Bowl Ad: Carrier Pigeons Bad Choice for Shipping

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Watching the Commercial Bowl…


I’ll be back later with youtubes of my favorite ads, but I had to post…The fucking ARCADE FIRE were used in a video package just now. “No Cars Go” to be accurate. That’s right, scenester kids. Fox will get a hold of EVERYTHING you love. 🙂

Retraction time, kids. According to this article posted today on Pitchfork, The Arcade Fire had ZERO to do with their own music appearing on arguably the biggest TV program of the year.

Nothing is said about those wacky Canadians and/or their label Merge Records making a move towards say, legal proceedings, but let’s be honest, 90 million people had a song played for them, and it wasn’t even cleared. At least someone’s going to lose a job over this.

(Thanks, Kaleigh, for the heads up.)