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I’ve Always Wondered…Is It Full of Chocolate?


For reasons I’m not entirely sure of (ok, it’s because it’s in HD), I’ll be watching The Oscars tonight.  In turn, I wanted to drop a few last minute predictions…

  • Ellen Page gets Best Actress for Juno, mostly due to the cakewalk of fellow nominees.  I continue to crush.
  • Daniel Day-Lewis gets Best Actor for  There Will Be Blood.
  • Diablo Cody gets Best Original Screenplay for Juno, but hits minute 15 of her fame with a blowhard acceptance speech.
  • Best Picture goes to No Country For Old Men (while I loved Juno, it’s not the best made movie of 2007. Sorry blogosphere.)
  • If there’s anything right in this world, Ratatoullie gets Best Animated Feature.
  • Lastly, but not leastly, Jon Stewart will be hysterical, but 95% of what he says goes over the self-important Hollywood audience.


Just saw an ad on TV for Chili’s latest bit of foodage for with to stuff your face…

Behold, the BIG MOUTH BITES!


Looked delicious, however…read the official description:

Enjoy a serving of four savory mini beef burgers topped with applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, sauteed onions and Ranch dressing on a sesame seed buns. Served with crispy onion strings, homestyle fries and jalapeño-ranch dressing on the side.

I’m not normally one to mock the American trend of making the most unhealthy food possible (hell, I just ordered my own dinner for the evening…off the internet!), but what does it say about us when we don’t just throw Ranch dressing onto a sandwich, and then also include MORE RANCH on the side?

Yet still…I want to try them.  Ever part of the problem,  I suppose.

Either Way, Here’s My $9.50


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I’m a big fan of Edgar Wright.

Between Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and even his fake trailer for Grindhouse, he’s proven himself an adept creative force, combining sheer film geek energy with adept, glossy direction (along with the witty screenplays he co-wrote with star Simon Pegg).

However, his next project, which looks to be his first major project without Pegg, could have me falling all over myself with anticipation.

In an interview with Empire Magazine (which was about a UK showing of the full, complete Grindhouse), he glossed over his next project a bit:

While chatting to Wright, we also asked about what he might be doing next. The obvious choice would be Ant Man, the adaptation of Marvel’s comic book about a shrinking superhero who can communicate with insects. He’s been attached to the comedy for some time.

“It could be that. I finished the script and I’m having a meeting about it next week,” he said. “But it depends which comes first in the queue basically. I’ve been working on two at once, and I’m also about to start developing two more scripts, one of which is with Simon [Pegg]. It could be Scott Pilgrim (another comic book adaptation who must slay a girl’s evil exes in order to date her) is next or it could be Ant Man, we shall see.”


While an Ant-Man flick could be awesome, especially if based on Robert Kirkman’s The Irredeemable Ant-Man (pictured above), I think I speak for many an indie comic nerd when I say….EDGAR, DO SCOTT PILGRIM FIRST! IT’S MONEY IN THE BANK.


…although I imagine a romantic comedy gone shonen-styled fighting comic might be a hard sell. Guess we’ll soon find out. Hey fellow Pilgrim devotees: who would you want to see in the movie version?

Aren’t you glad the strike is over?

Ok, So Origins Might NOT Suck.


It’s funny, because we were just discussing this actor this weekend at Katsucon…

According to the movie rumor gods over at Ain’t It Cool News, X-Men Origins: Wolverine will have quite the awesome cameo…

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.


Here’s what AICN’s Moriarty had to say:

Sounds to me like Marvel is going to pack this one with all sorts of geeky Easter eggs if all of these rumors are true. The Blob would be a lot of fun to see in one of these, and there’s another cameo, one that we can officially confirm now, that sounds to me like a set-up for a possible spin-off.

Anyone up for a little DEADPOOL? CHUD.COM reported at the start of December that the character would show up in the film.

Well, today we can exclusively ask you… how about if Ryan Reynolds is playing him?

This one’s supposed to be a secret, but cat’s out of the bag now, Marvel. And I have to say… I think it sounds like fun. I know this has been a character you guys have been developing for years now (hell, I think I pitched a DEADPOOL film back in 2001), and Reynolds is absolutely the right guy for the job.

Ever since Blade: Trinity hit, I really wanted to see Reynolds starring as the Merc-with-a-mouth, so if this rumor proves true, color me there!

So this is what, 0 For 3?

With such amazing looking comic movies hitting in the near future, between The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Hellboy II and The Dark Knight, some are bound to be crap, right?

Unfortunately for Marvel, it looks like the busted wheel of the awesome comic movie party van is this fall’s Punisher: War Zone.


It was bad enough when they revealed the first photo from the movie (seen above) with the main character looking like Steven Segal while proving that he doesn’t know how to hold a gun correctly (check it, he’s holding the magazine, instead of the handle on the frot of the rifle)…

Then this story appears on Cinematical today…

Screenwriter Takes Name Off Punisher: War Zone, Cites Difference in Vision

Yikes, nothing worse than when a writer decides to go Alan Smithee on a flick.

Why does Kurt Sutter (a writer responsible for, amongst other projects, a handful of episodes of The Shield) want his name removed?  His reasoning bites a bit deep.

Here’s what he had to say:

“My pitch, my vision, for the Punisher franchise was something much different. I tried to rip Frank Castle from the comic book world and place him in the real streets of NYC. Castle is the only superhero without powers. He’s a tortured, highly skilled soldier with a really bad anger problem. I always felt we should see Frank in some place uber-real and gritty. I threw away the first draft written by Nick Santora and did a page one rewrite. I changed the locations, the characters, the story. I dropped Frank in a real New York City with real villians, real cops, real relationships. To me, the Punisher deserved more than the usual comic book redress. It shouldn’t just follow the feature superhero formula. Apparently, I was the only one who shared that vision.”

Yikes!  I mean…this can’t be worse than the 2004 movie with Travolta eating up scenery like it was covered in delicious ranch dressing, can it?