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Leaked Comic Con Trailers Ahoy!

Thanks to my friend and yours,, here’s a bunch of leaked trailers STRAIGHT off the floor of San Diego Comic Con…

Including….X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which is in 2 parts…beware the screaming Gambit fangirls), TR2N, and Pixar’s Up!

Battle Of Two Set Lists: Rock Band 2 vs. Guitar Hero 4

While I cannot confirm the setlists 100% for either game, song listings have appeared for both Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero 4 (now called Guitar Hero: World Tour).

Both games look to really expand the catalog for the music game genre, and what’s made it even better for a hardcore music gamer like myself, is the announcement that Rock Band’s instruments will work for BOTH new titles (meaning I only need to shell out for the disc, and not another living room’s worth of fake instruments).

Without further adieu, the full tracklistings…this fall, who will YOU choose?