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Location Is Everything

Being based in Baltimore, and so close to the DC Metro area, I’m really spoiled when it comes to seeing bands live.  We get an unusually high number of good shows in the area, and after a bit of a dry spell, it looks like another batch are coming through…check it out.


  • 19th  Georgie James @ The Ottobar, Stars @ Sonar
  • 23rd Del The Funky Homosapien @ 930 Club


  • 5th Georgie James @ The Black Cat
  • 9th Murder By Death @ The Black Cat, Minus the Bear @ Recher Theatre
  • 10th VHS or Beta @ The Ottobar, Yeasayer @ The Black Cat, Superdrag @ 8×10
  • 11th Spoon @ Sonar
  • 12th Nada Surf @ 930 Club
  • 21st Eisley @ 930 Club
  • 22nd Peelander-Z @ The Black Cat
  • 24th Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin @ The Black Cat
  • 25th Karmella’s Game @ Fletchers
  • 29th Tokyo Police Club @ The Black Cat


  • 11th Radiohead @ Nissan Pavillion (I got tickets!)
  • 16th Los Campesinos! @ The Black Cat


  • 7th Rilo Kiley @ Rams Head Live

Let’s Make Fight For Justice!


Surprise, surprise…like every other Wii owner, I picked up Super Smash Bros Brawl yesterday. It’s pretty great so far, but I’d love to get some games going with ya’ll.

Here’s my friend’s code: 0731-4446-6149


Last Night’s Amazing Digital Short

Ever since the Lonely Island crew joined SNL back in ’05, the Digital Short has been, by far, the best part of the show. This time, they hit a little close to home…and hit a home run.

People of the internet, here’s “Hero Song”

Another Show About Nothing?


Ok, so the latest rumor being reported by The New York Post is that NBC is in talks with Jerry Seinfeld with regards to starting a new sitcom on the last-place peacock network.

According to the article, the show (which would premiere in June…sure seems fast) would take a page from Seinfeld co-creator Larry David’s HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, and present Jerry living in NYC in an “exaggerated reality”.

Does this strike anyone as a good idea? I really enjoyed Seinfeld, and enjoy reruns/the dvds, but honestly the strength of the series was in the cynical writings of Larry David and the overall ensemble cast. I don’t recall anyone really loving the Jerry character, and if Bee Movie (plus the HORRIBLE “Bee Movie TV Juniors” which ran on NBC) was any indication, we’ve as a nation, fallen out of love with the observational comedian.

Let it die, Jerry. Enjoy your millions. Relax in that sunset.


NBC and Jerry Seinfeld shot down a New York Post report Friday that the comic was in talks with the network about a new sitcom. The report, citing no sources, said Seinfeld would play himself in a New York series similar to “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

“There’s nothing to it,” said NBC spokeswoman Rebecca Marks.

Seinfeld’s spokeswoman, Elizabeth Clark Zoia, also said the story was completely false.

“We appreciate the enthusiasm, however,” she said.

*whew* Now, NBC, let’s move forward with some original ideas and not a shit-ton of reality programing, k? K.

A Tale Of 2 Iron Man Posters

Today Paramount unveiled the final Iron Man theatrical posters for both the US and International markets.  The part that’s bizarre is that they’re both very similar, yet have slight differences.

Here’s the US Poster First…


Then you have the international version…


Now, while both suffer from floating head syndrome, I overall find that the US poster has a far better layout.  What’s bizarre is why they chose the different layouts, and why certain elements aren’t in both…why does the US version have no helicopters? Why are the bodies more noticeable in the international version?  What does that say about our cultures?

Which do you like? Personally, I dig the design of the US one more, and look forward to it being a DVD cover.