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R.I.P. George Carlin

As I’d imagine you’ve heard, George Carlin passed yesterday evening at the age of 71. While I’m sure that many sites will eulogize the man far better than I, I figured I should write something on the site here, even if it’s brief.

I’m sad to say that in the case of Carlin, my introduction to him was not via his standup, but rather his appearance in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure as Rufus.  Once I did discover his standup, and later his books like Brain Droppings, my mind was blown.

A lot of people enjoy describing Carlin as like a deranged uncle, I like to look at him as the man who made vulgarity intelligent.  There will never be another comedian as risk taking as he, nor as envelope pushing, but in his death, may we remember one thing from his life.

He stayed true to himself and his beliefs until his last breath, and if more people in this would could do the same, the world would be a much better place for it.  Godspeed, George.

Starting a “Buzz” Early…HAR HAR!

Well, I guess it’s official, Seth Rogen is playing The Green Hornet.

Why do I say this? Well, the filler site for the flick (to be written by Rogen as well) went live today!

I still hold that this will be the most bizarre of Hollywood’s super hero flicks so far, but knowing that Seth wants Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle) as Kato, I am slightly more excited for the project.

Random aside: is it strange to anyone else to see 2010 written out, and not as a gag or a far off idea?

What Are They Doing To My Denny’s?

As embarassing as it is to admit, I spent many of my teenage nights lounging at the shitty booths at my local Denny’s.

…then they remodeled, taking away the urine-stenched ambiance and general cheese ball nature of the restaurant.  But hey, it was still a nice late night place to eat poorly for cheap.

Over the years, my attendance twindled. But I still knew it as a fine place to eat late, or have a solid breakfast. Hell, I recently enjoyed a post-Iron Man slice of Apple Pie a la mode!

Despite this fact, I don’t want Denny’s catering directly to me.

According to the linked article from, Denny’s is now attempting to cater directly to the post-show, teenage-to-twenties late night crowd, with an exclusive menu served from 10pm to 5am.

Some of these new menu options?

  • Potachos – Freshly fried and seasoned kettle chips topped with crumbled sausage, bacon, bell pepper and onion mix, cheese sauce and shredded Cheddar cheese.
  • Sweet Ride Nachos – Freshly fried flour tortilla chips tossed in cinnamon sugar, then topped with strawberry topping, raspberry sauce, seasonal fruit, hot fudge, caramel, white chocolate chips and whipped cream.
  • Smokin’ Q Four Pack -Four mini burgers topped with sweet & tangy BBQ sauce, crispy onion rings, Cheddar cheese and bacon. Served with a double portion of onion rings.
  • Cheesy Four Pack – Four mini burgers with American cheese, ketchup, mustard, grilled onions and pickle chips. Served with a double portion of onion rings.
  • Value menu items, starting at $3.99, include a sweet & tangy BBQ bacon burger; crispy chicken sandwich; chicken strip and mozzarella sticks combo; and nacho cheese fries.

Sounds good, right? Oh, but then the marketers got involved.

Firstly, the standard Denny’s ambiance? GONE.  Lights will be dimmed for a “club like feel”, and Denny’s servers will swap their traditional uniforms for jeans and black “Get Your Crave On” t-shirts.  Restaurants will also play alternative rock music from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Next up, to further that ultra important band cred, they’ve has asked groups including Taking Back Sunday, Plain White T’s, Eagles of Death Metal and The All-American Rejects to help the chain dream up new dishes for rollout later this summer.

Furthermore, they’re planning to feed emerging bands currently on tour through its new “Adopt-A-Band” program, available at Bands can enter to become a Denny’s Adopted Band through the site, and then attempt to win free meals and promotional support via fan vote.

…can’t they leave well enough alone?  I could be wrong, but don’t we visit Denny’s for Denny’s? Not bizarro hip-club-environment-eatery?  No matter how you disguise it, pandering is pandering…and this just reeks.

Swinging It’s Way Into 2011…

…it’s Spider-Man 4?!


This is apparently true according to Spidey producer Laura Ziskin who reportedly told theatre owners this past week that the film is scheduled to hit theaters in May 2011.

This is despite having no script. And no lead actor. Nor director.

While I spoke earlier here about excitement behind a new Spidey flick, provided some fresh blood gets involved, I again stress to the team at Sony…the world loves Spider-Man. The $2.5 Billion in box office receipts alone is proof of that.  Please don’t proceed with a flick that makes us regret that.

Should the flick hit theaters in 2011, it will be battling that summer against Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and Captain America.

Mike Myers: Crazy or Genius?

If I had to arrange a list of favorite films of all time, 1992’s Wayne’s World would have to reign near the top.  Smartly written, quotable, and just a fun watch, it’s just a great movie to get wrapped up in.

Unfortunately, it’s this film that may have created a monster, depending on who you ask.

I’ve long heard rumors over the years that Mike Myers is one of the most difficult people to work for in Hollywood, and this profile piece at really doesn’t do him any favors.  However, as a biography nerd, it’s a very interesting read.

The piece does pose the question…are the eccentricities and difficulties of most highly-developed people worth the final product?  Keep this in mind while reading the article: The Love Guru, hyped as Myers big return to film, premiered in 4th place to a disappointing $14 Million.